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Fusion Dance
Level: Sor/Wiz 7
Components: V, S
Casting time: 5 rounds
Range: 15 foot space between two willing creatures
Target: Two willing creatures, self included
Duration: 2 minutes/caster level (max 40 minutes)
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: none

Fusion Dance allows two creatures to merge into one being, to become a powerful force. As two creatures, it gains class levels/hit dice and all abilities of the classes of each of the two creatures that fused and the better of each mental ability score from the two creatures. In addition to this, all of the creature's physical ability scores add toward each corresponding score total to the new score while in the fusion. Creatures also gain both spell lists from each class or, if spell types differ, gains spells per day and known spells for each class type. If class types are the same upon fusion, the spells per day (and known spells if known) stack.

In order to cast the spell, both subjects must start with a 15 foot space between them, facing the same direction, and then must simultaneously make a preform (dance) skill check (which can be made untrained) as a full round action with each creature making a 5 foot step towards the other during the preform check. The fusion dance is a precise series of movements that each must do in mirror to the other that ends in them reaching across the 5 foot space left in between them, touching fingertips together in the empty 5 foot space. While doing the fusion dance as well, they must say the words "Fusion-ha" With the word 'fusion' beginning from the moment they move, and then dragging out until they say the word 'ha' just as their finger tips touch. So long as both characters exceed an 11 or more preform (dance) check, once their fingertips have touched, the fusion process has begun, and they must pay an experience point cost at the moment the fingers touch. To complete the fusion properly, both creatures must make at least a DC 20 preform (dance) check. If either one or both creatures fails to make the DC 20 preform check they have messed up their half of the dance in some way even if its a minor or tiny way, and the spell will fail. If the two creatures have different type, the type of fusion is according to the following table:

One creature's type Other creature's type Fusion's type
Humanoid Monstrous Humanoid Monstrous Humanoid
Humanoid/Monstrous Humanoid Fey Monstrous Humanoid
Humanoid/Monstrous Humanoid/Fey Magical Beast Monstrous Humanoid
Humanoid Giant Giant
Monstrous Humanoid/Fey Gaint Aberration
Aberration other mortal creature type except Native Outsider Aberration
Plant/Ooze other mortal creature type except Native Outsider Aberration
Vermin Magical Beast Magical Beast
Vermin other mortal creature type except Native Outsider and Magical Beast Aberration
Native Outsider other mortal creature type Native Outsider

All fused beings created with this spell (except in cases where the fused being retained armor from one of the base creatures), begins wearing a standard uniform created by the spell (detailed here, and below), which is customly colorized to each unique fusion pair. The uniform is a business suit (typically darker colors). The tie of the fusion matches the upper part of the suit in color. The suit's belt matches the color of the shoes.

The fused beings uniform is composed of magic from the spell itself, and if any peice of the uniform is removed, it simply disapates into nothingness immediately. The fused being has all of the memories of both base creatures, but is a completely unique being seperate of the base creatures, with his/her own personality, characteristics and traits. The personality of a fused being does not change from one casting to the next, and is permenantly set on the first successful casting, and each pairing of different creatures creates a unique fused being with its own unique personality. The basic personality of a fused being is generally a magnified personality trait of self-images of one of the base creatures. The fused being speaks in a voice which sounds like both base creatures' voices speaking together.

If a fused being loses all HPs, the spell time duration ends or the caster chooses to cancel the spell, the spell will end. When the spell ends, each creature fused will appear 5 feet away from each other on the last place that the fusion stand. Upon the fusion's end, any class abilities, stat adjustments and Hit dice adjustments are split back between the two creatures to it's original values before the fusion.

Fusion cannot be made permanent with the permanency spell. Only creatures of the same size as one another can fuse bodies. Mortal creatures can't fuse with immortal. Each of creatures must have at least 3 in the intelligence score and cannot be undead.

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