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I fixed what was wrong, though I think it was a bit frivolous to put it in the "needs balance section" (Firearms means ALL firearms, regardless of what book they come from)--Dr Roach (talk) 13:20, 1 July 2017 (MDT)

I love this! There's only one small change I would make. You currently only have one saving throw proficiency given at level 1 when you should have 2. Instead of granting dex save proficiency at level 7, give it at level 1 like all of the other classes do. In level 7's place, give something that plays on the intelligence of the engineer. My two suggestions would be either:

  • Engineer's Expertise: Choose two intelligence based skills, an intelligence based skill and tinker tools, or tinker tools and any other tool you have proficiency in. You may now add double your proficiency bonus to those skills/tools.
  • Brilliant Mind: You may add your proficiency bonus to any intelligence checks that don't already use it.

Other than that, very well done!

I love this class have to say that, but there are two things I have done, in the descriptions for Signature Devices I fixed a error not listing the gauntlet also the descriptions for how Signature Devices is flawed in explanation you get two designs although you can only use two or learn of three through the Gadgeteer subclass. Secondly I think the picture in this link would be a good flamethrower picture Holy FaithMan 1/27/2020

I think it would be great if instead of every level you can select new gadgets but every long rest, so its like you tinker with things for a while until you manage to get it to work (aka roll a dc 10-15 depending on the tier) But other than that this class is really cool and i can tell you put a lot of work into it!!!

Please put the list of gadgets onto the bottom of the page. You front loaded it all and I have no inclination to look through samey looking spam before getting a look at actual class features.

I think I found a problem...[edit]

I love this class I really do but I've found something that I think can get problematic. If you were to pick Magitech Omnistaff and combine it with Battletech + duel ray + focused ray. this would be 4d8 without spending any energy and then the next round it would be 7d8 and so on. To be even more gruesome you could simply add eagle eye to get advantage and cannibalize high tier gadgets to get more energy to add to the arcane ray. I feel like this could rack up to way too much damage. do you guys think its a problem or am I missing something here?

Two Things[edit]

The user Rasham bought these two questions up:

  • The extra attack under battletech seems to assume you already get to attack twice. Where did that other extra attack come from?
  • Does overclock work on your signature device? I assume it does, but just to be sure.--Yanied (talk) 17:41, 4 May 2020 (MDT)

Response: for Battletech it looks to have been changed to you may make Two instead of One Response: I believe you would be able to use Overclock features on PSD and SSD

Magitech Omnigauntlet[edit]

For the Magitech Omnigauntlet with the Combat configuration, Advanaced Combat configuration, Superior Combat configuration, and Superior Energy Absorption and Reduction it says you can spend energy for an Energized Strike, or Energy Blast, if you spend more than 1 does it go up in dice, so like if you spent 3 for the Combat configuration would it be 3d12 if you pay three?

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