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(I liked the idea of the original class, but there was no balance at all, the abilities were way to overboard and no descripton of what this class should be played like. I have written out some of what I have come up with today and I will work on it more if someone else does finish it. I have modified very few abilities from the original class and added a time limit to the abilities. The requirements have been increased to make this class much harder to acquire. Also I removed the extremely overpowering critical attacks and just gave them Overwhelming and Devastating Critical as bonus Feats. I will add more and edit this class as I have time to work on it. it has several abilities that need to be modified before they are added, as well as maybe reducing some current abilities in order to balance the new abilities in the class. This is an epic prestige class and as such does not have Base Attack Bonus or Saving Throw Bonuses. Also sorry I didn't feel like formatting this post.)

Moved these here. Coaldstone (talk) 17:30, 11 March 2019 (MDT)

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