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Dreadful Rager[edit]

A Dreadful Rager is a Warrior who has lost touch with his goals and seeks endless battle to feed their addiction to Glory, Death, and/or destruction. Like Barbarians they can enter a Frenzy that gives them incredible power, however unlike barbarians they cannot control their rage and attack anything that they consider a threat.

Becoming a Dreadful Rager[edit]

Entry Requirements
Alignment: You cannot be Neutral or Lawful.
Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Critical (Any), Intimidating Rage, Instantaneous Rage, Legendary Leaper, Legendary Climber, Legendary Swimmer.
Special: You must defeat an army of 1000+ with a party no bigger than 4. They must all be of appropriate CR groups for the character levels. These means if your level is 60 most enemies will be around level 50-55. Lower levels means more enemies. The Dreadful Rager must lose something in the battle that changes their views towards War.
Class: Barbarian/21+; Any 1 level 20+ non-casting class.
Table: The Dreadful Rager

Hit Die: d12

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1 + + + + Dreadful Rage 1/day, Former Glory, Bonus Feat
2 + + + + Ground Pound (1d12+str mod; 10ft)
3 + + + + Dreadful Rage 2/day
4 + + + + Ground Pound (2d12+str mod; 20ft)
5 + + + +
6 + + + + Dreadful Rage 3/day, Ground Pound (3d12+str mod; 30ft), Bonus Feat
7 + + + +
8 + + + + Ground Pound (4d12+str mod; 40ft)
9 + + + + Abundant Recovery (1/day), Dreadful Rage 4/day
10 + + + + Dreadful Howl, Ground Pound (5d12+str mod; 50ft)
11 + + + + Bonus Feat
12 + + + + Dreadful Rage 5/day, Ground Pound (6d12+str mod; 60ft)
13 + + + + Dreadful Leap (1d12 per 10ft plus Str Mod)
14 + + + + Unstoppable Rage
15 + + + + Dreadful Rage 6/day, Improved Abundant Recovery
16 + + + + Bonus Feat
17 + + + +
18 + + + + Abundant Recovery (2/day), Dreadful Rage 7/day
19 + + + + Monstrous Strength (x2)
20 + + + + Everlasting Fortitude (x2)

Class Skills (2 + Int modifier per level)
Climb, Jump, Swim, Perform (Battle-Dance), Profession (War).

Class Features[edit]

Bonus Feat: Improved Critical, Overwhelming Critical, Devastating Critical (You must meet have improved critical to take overwhelming Critical and Overwhelming Critical to take Devastating Critical with each weapon, however no other requirements need to be meet.

Dreadful Rage: Starting at level 1 a Dreadful Rager gains 1 Dreadful Rage per day plus an additional rage every third level of Dreadful Rager. This rage lasts for (Improved Con Mod + Dreadful Rager Level). While in this rage Add your Strength score to Your Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution during the duration of the rage. However your Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma drop to 10 for the duration of the Rage. Also you are considered to have Improved Critical with any weapon you are wielding while in a rage. Spells cannot be used during this Rage. All rules of a normal rage ability apply, except they must make a Will Save (DC = 20 + 1 per round in Dreadful Rage) to stop raging. You are not fatigued by a Dreadful Rage.

Former Glory: When you take Dreadful Rager the level 20+ non-casting class you select removed from your character sheet. You do not keep any of the abilities or save throw bonuses from leveling this class. Instead of rolling for Hit Points at level 1 you keep the Hit points from the class you gave up. You keep all the skill points from the class (without your ability score bonus added at each level) as your first level skill points. You keep all Armor and Weapon Proficiency. The class level of the class is still added to your total Character Level for the purpose of CR. Also you may not take the class you give up again.

Ground Pound: When you leap in the air before an attack you can add 1d12 per 10ft you jump plus you Str Mod to the damage. You can only add the maximum bonus allowed according to the level up chart (which is 1d12 every 2 levels), the maximum height you can gain a bonus from is also listed. You can use this a number of times per day equal to your Constitution Modifier.

Abundant Recovery: When Abundant Recovery is activated your Hit Points are fully restored. This is a personal ability and can not be used on anyone else. In addition it can only be activated during a Dreadful Rage. This ability can be activated at any time during a Rage, even to interrupt damage that will kill you. You get 1 use of this every 9 levels of Dreadful Rager.

Dreadful Howl: When entering a Dreadful Rage you howl out your battle cry. Everyone within 100ft per Dreadful Rager Level must then make a fortitude save, this includes allies who have not made this save before (enemies or allies he plans to attack cannot avoid the save throw this way). If They fail the Fortitude check (DC = 1/2 Level + Improved Con Mod + Intimidate rank) they become frozen till they can make the save throw, the DC drops by 1 every round after the original. This does not effect anyone who has freedom of movement.

Dreadful Leap: Gain +20 to Jump rank. In addition there is no limit to your ground pound ability. When you ground pound it now also deals damage in a radius (equal to Jump Height / 10) from the point of impact. This can be used at any time.

Unstoppable Rage: Enchantment Spells do not work on a Dreadful Rager while he is in any rage. When in a Dreadful Rage, A Dreadful Rager is immune to Critical Hits. A Dreadful Rage is also unaffected by continuous damage effects while in a Dreadful Rage, however they are fully affected by all drains, weaknesses, and damage inflicted during the duration of the Rage as soon as it ends. If a Dreadful Rager would die when stopping a rage (due to constitution changes or otherwise) the Dreadful Rager takes 1 point of constitution damage for every 10 points of damage below 1 they took (rounded up), If they lose more than half their constitution in this way they must make a Fortitude Save (DC = 10 + Constitution Damage + Length of rage in rounds) or pass out. if they fail They must also make a Fortitude Save (DC = 10 + Constitution Damage + Length of Rage in Minutes; round down) or die after 24 hours of sleep (They can avoid dying from the second save if they recover all constitution damage before the 24 hours ends or by activating Abundant Recover before they leave Rage).

Improved Abundant Recovery: Once per day you can use 1 of your Abundant Recovery uses out of a Dreadful Rage, if you do it takes a full round action.

Monstrous Strength: Your Strength is also multiplied by 2. When Dreadful Rage and Monstrous Strength are both applied Strength is multiplied by 3.

Everlasting Fortitude: Your Constitution is multiplied by 2. When Dreadful Rage and Everlasting Fortitude are both applied to Constitution multiply constitution before adding the affects of Dreadful Rage.

Ex-Dreadful Ragers[edit]

Characters of this class can acquire levels in other classes, but you lose your abilities if you become loyal

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Dreadful Rager[edit]

Combat: Dreadful Ragers are melee and damage-dealing fighters.

Advancement: Frenzy barbarian and class with rage

Resources: No additional

Dreadful Ragers in the World[edit]

Dreadful Ragers are a minority in the world, they usually live alone or with very powerful groups, when they don't usually take kingdoms for themselves.

NPC Reactions: Dreadful Ragers are seen as gods or demons of war so they can be loved or feared

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