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"Make sure to let them think their con has been increased by 2 when they put it on. Once every ring has been put on, let them know that their con really didn't increase." Is there a reason for this, like "the rings were specially crafted to only activate when every ring was on a finger", or is this just a DM being a jerk? I'm all for cursed items (my party still holds a grudge for the +2 DEX gloves that were "Butterfingers' gloves" which caused a 50% chance of dropping whatever was held), but this just seems mean. You "reward" the first brave character stupid enough to put on treasure before knowing exactly what it does, and once the rest of the party follows suit you say "Aha! You're all the living dead!"? That'll discourage players more than anything else you can do, as far as I can think. As a player, when I died, I intended to deserve it (lighting myself on fire and jumping onto a wagon full of gunpowder to explode a dozen enemy orcs, or a far too big red dragon with an even bigger treasure horde, something cool), not because I was tricked into some fancy bling. But that's just my two cents. --Badger 00:53, 13 October 2009 (MDT)

agreed all that is is a flat out lie weak ass Dming is made of cheap move's like this
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