Cursed Zombies (3.5e Encounter)

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Encounter: Cursed Zombies[edit]

  • CR 2
  • Integration Random Encounter or undead lair. Can be used with characters of any level, though 1-4 is usually best.
  • Prep Time Minimal
  • Play Time Short, 10 minutes.


This group of zombies was once a group of adventurers that found Rings of Decay. They died while wearing the rings and rose as zombies.

example intro::

as you enter the tavern you see several patrons scattered about the dining area. a bard is on stage playing a mandolin. the bar seats a few other adventurers, one who seams to stick out more than the rest. a weary old man, fairly short for a human, wearing a tattered cloak and numerous rings. resting on his shoulders is a small black and silver ferret, whom he has named Aldridge.

Jamond Lesell tells you of a story he once heard as a child. where a group of adventurers discovered a ruined temple. there, they came across four golden rings. each glowing with immense magical power. the moment they donned the rings, they felt its power coarse through their veins. rumor has it, they were last seen exploring an abandoned keep west of Kelm.


Humanoid Zombie HP 15 INIT -1 SPEED 30 AC Varies ( -1 dex, +2 natural) BAB +1 GPL +2

Attacks: slam +2 1d6+1 space 5ft reach 5ft

special qualities: Single actions only, damage reduction 5/slashing, darkvision 60 ft., undead traits

Saves: fort 0, ref -1, will 3

abilities: Str 12, Dex 8, Con Ø, Int Ø, Wis 10, Cha 1


They are zombies. Their tactics are simple. Go for the nearest target at all times.


The treasure for this encounter is more like a penalty. Each zombie is wearing one of the magic rings. This is the treasure. The players will likely divy them up and put them on. Make sure to let them think their con has been increased by 2 when they put it on. Once every ring has been put on, let them know that their con really didn't increase.

The wizard zombie also has a spellbook with a few 1st level spells and all the 0th level spells.

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