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Hello, fellow wikian! I am a small fan of Warhammer 40,000, and it seems that you and I share the squeeing sensation over Chaos Daemons as D&D monsters! I like it, but I would like to make some comments:

  • Size and Hit Points. This is just me, but if you consult your Dungeon Master's Guide (page 249, to be precise) a Gargatuan creatures takes up 4×4 squares, which is effectively a small room. I'm not exactly bright at exact mechanisms and rules concerning 40K (I'm in for mostly lores) but I'm not sure if a daemon is supposed to be that big. I thought a size or two smaller but with more defensive traits would make it perfectly well.
Just for reference: One of the strongest monster in SRD (and Monster Manual) is tarrasque, and it has 676 (33d20+330) hit points. Note that this cute lil' lizard is CR 30. It has some decent damage resistance and immunity, at least.
  • Attacks. It's kinda weak for a Gargatuan creature, or even Huge creature, isn't it? If you're reducing the daemon's size to Large, the current version would be fine, but if you're staying bigger with only two attacks per turn, you might want to add an additional damage die or two for each of attacks.
  • Lash of Khorne. I think this action needs a bit more fleshing out, really. For example: The daemon must use at least one hand to hold the lash to maintain the grapple?
While I'm at it, since the current lash action is a bit weak, maybe you can add a feature that benefits the daemon for lashing a creature. Such as: Any hit a daemon score against a creature grappled by its lash is a critical hit. This gives a massive advantage for the daemon (and DM) to lash first, then make weapon attacks.

Apart from formattings and wordings, I don't find much things to actually improve upon, this is nice and all! Remeber, you've got a fan here, I'll be so looking forward for more updates! --WeirdoWhoever (talk) 06:24, 19 July 2017 (MDT)

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