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The taken are a subrace of humans who were long ago Taken by the fey to their mysterious realm, and were magically changed there. The taken culture has just rescently moved to Albion.


Taken are quick-witted and have a natural magical talent, this makes them rather impatient and abrasive with other species. They are also bitter at their long enslavement to the fey, and this gives them a cynical, sarcastic quality.

Physical Description[edit]

Taken stand as tall as humans, and weigh about as much as well. They have human hair and skin tones, but their eyes are always startlingly bright green or yellow.


Most other races are naturally suspicious of the mysterious taken, with the exception of elves, changelings, sirens and darklings. These races all either share the takens fey nature, or are treated with equal suspicion and distrust.


Most taken are of a chaotic alignment, ranging from good to evil.


Taken have no lands of their own, although many dwell in Aergaela.


Taken have no religion, although some worship the elven gods Cian and Ana.


Taken speak Aergaelan and Arcana.

Racial Traits[edit]

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