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A rugged, powerful, waterproof flashlight intended for use by military and law enforcement personnel, that runs for 2 hours on a set of 4 AA batteries. On your turn, you can set it to shed bright light in a line from 15 feet to 300 feet in length that is 15 feet wide. A tactical flashlight sheds dim light for an additional length equal to the length of the area of bright light. Tactical flashlights come with a built-in IR setting, allowing you to emit a beam of infrared illumination that can only be seen with the aid of a night-vision device. A tactical flashlight can be mounted on or detached from a two-handed firearm as an action, allowing you to use it with your hands free. A tactical flashlight is sturdy enough that it can be used to inflict crushing blows in melee without risk of damaging it; treat it as an improvised club when used as a weapon.

Cost: 25 gp
Weight: 0.5 ½ lb.

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