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A night-vision device is an optical device which converts both infra-red light and dark images into a visable image. While you are wearing a night-vision device, you can see in the infra-red spectrum, and you can also see in darkness within 900 feet of you as if were dim light. However, you can't discern color while wearing a night-vision device, only shades of green. Night-vision devices, particularly those intended for military or law-enforcement use, are rugged and capable of enduring a lot of punishment, and are typically contained in waterproof housing. Some variations of night-vision devices can be worn like goggles; other are attached to a helmet. Some can be attached to a firearm and used as a sight.

A night-vision device runs for 50 hours on a single AA battery.

Rarity: Rare
Weight: 3/4 lb.

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