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Super Hero[edit]

This class is made to create your own type of superhero/villains. With the ability to pick whatever school of superpowers, or spend more class abilities to increase the power of that school. Balanced for High Powered Campaigns.

Any Aliment/Race Even a shark can get bitten, by a radio active spider! Okay, maybe its hard for a spider to swim, But the water can be radio active from toxic waste!


This is Fan art, and not owned by me. Its By Sarah Gibson, [1]
Much more work well be put into this class, only the start. Any more idea's are welcome please add a suggestions/ideas/Class Abilities at the Bottom.
Typo's Been Fixed, However its kinda hard to understand. there is many examples, as i tried my best to explain what i mean. However Feel free to use these abilities your own ways in your campaign & Enjoy my creative ideas!

Table: The Super Hero

Hit Die: d12

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st 1 2 0 0 Class Ability
2nd 2 3 0 0 Class Ability
3rd 3 1 1 1 Class Ability
4th 4 4 1 1 Class Ability
5th 5 4 1 1 Class Ability
6th 6 5 2 2 Class Ability
7th 7 5 2 2 Class Ability
8th 8 6 2 2 Class Ability
9th 9 6 3 3 Class Ability
10th 10 7 3 3 Class Ability
11th 11 7 3 3 Class Ability
12th 12 8 4 4 Class Ability
13th 13 8 4 4 Class Ability
14th 14 9 4 4 Class Ability
15th 15 9 5 5 Class Ability
16th 16 10 5 5 Class Ability
17th 17 10 5 5 Class Ability
18th 18 11 6 6 Class Ability
19th 19 11 6 6 Class Ability
20th 20 12 6 6 Class Ability

Class Skills 2 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)

Class Abilities[edit]

All Class abilities can be taken multiple times. Dc = 10+1/2HD + Stat + Class Abilities, Con for Physical abilities, Wis For mental abilities.

All Physical abilities count as extraordinary, example spider web. or hulk rage, and subtypes like being sandman. well work in no magic zones. All Mental abilities like mind control count as Supernatural abilities, and will not work in no magic zones.

Most abilities are one or the other, and the other is another ability cost. example Black holes/Dimension pockets/Portals using one class ability you can either time travel, or open a portal to plane shift, but not both that costs two class abilities. You may also use feats to gain more class abilities.

/ is per, every 1/level one per level

Every time you take an ability example subtype fire(mind control, empathy, an so on), your fire abilities Dc/s increase by one(per ability).

Optional rule, two things/people with time stop abilities can fight each other in an static time zone, using 1 round of freeze time for each round.

Death Effects/Resurrection is optional, same with nuclear school. or likewise set all death effects min level requirement 10 or non Area of effect(Aoe) death effects For example.

Optional Taking an mental ability well reduce your HD to d8, or an d6 for the magic/psionic school.

Optionally May Take 1-3 Class abilities per level. 3 isn't recommended.

Optionally May only place one class ability on an school per 2 levels. example level 10 Max of 5 class abilities on subtype school/tree.

Extra Feat/Class Ability Gain an extra Feat of any kind you meet requirements (but epic level), or an class ability as your level, example level 5 times this ability could take High jump from pathfinders monk. or use feats to gain class abilities.

Stat Points +4 Stat Points

More Skill Points Increase your class skill point base by 2 each time, max 12 skill points + int / level

Durable/Iron Skin/Adamantium skeleton Gain 3Dr/Adamantium and immunity to critical, but Effected by metal effects, example magnetic fields.

Healing Factor Gain 3 Regeneration, and the ability to Heal lost limbs/organs 1d4 hrs. Doesn't die at -10 Body needs to be completely disintegrated plus wish.

Adamantium Claws 1d12/ability Claws Made of Adamantium, that can be hidden, goes threw damage reduction/hardness, and armor/natural armor.

Hulk Rage+1 size larger (+2 Na +8 Strength +4 constitution 1 round/level)Per ability. dexterity is reduced to 10 & breaks All Armor, typically turns you green.

Blind and Angry/Power Attack -1 Attack +2 Damage/4 levels or -2 attack/+4 damage per 4 levels, if taken again, and so on.

Super Strength Knock someone back 10 ft(per ability) at end of attack action. Subtract knock back by there size and add yours, two more squares per size difference. example ogre vs human gets +10 ft more knock back. 1d6 per 2 squares if hits object in path.

EMP Man/Anti-magic brute +2 Strength For ever Spell level cast 20 ft radius permanently also, however lose your ability to use any form of magic, including All non psychical super powers, example flight time, psychokinesis, and many others. Take this again To absorb Super natural +6 Strength(40 ft radius), and again for Extraordinary Abilities +8 Strength(40 ft radius). take again for also psionics/physic abilities +10 Strength(60 ft radius) No save, optional vs will Dc 10+1/2HD + Con. May not gain the permanent strength for the ability to turn off and on. Any abilities absorbed (example Spells psionics, mental super powers) takes 1d4/ability from a thrashing headache. no save typically. also gain experience as 5%/ability/HD or Caster level of absorb, much like devour subtype. from targets that fail save lose that ability/spells/psionics for 24 hrs. At 10 class ability spent 24 hrs becomes permanent, only way to get your powers back is to kill him then absorb your powers back.

Change Base Save Its is free to do, if you want to add Reflex or will this well cost 1 class ability each, example level 1 fort +2 reflex +2 will +0 For one class ability at level 1

Super Speed +100 Ft Base Speed. Charging(may vibrate hand fast instead full round) gives an extra 2d6 damage(per ability), however if you roll 1-5 on your attack and hit you take the damage as well, you well also take this damage if they readied for a change or hit you during your charge. example an ogre's 10 ft reach free attack. Take 5 abilities in any speed school to prevent that

Agility/Skilled Free attacks miss, and Run up walls. Run on Water. Run not in an stright line. Use attacks inbeween move action. (x2 jump & +10 Acrobatics/Balance/Jump, or any other 3 skills )/Per ability.

Speed Mirage Create 2 after images per ability, as mirror image. 1 action, then 1 move, then free action.

Speed Move 1/ability gain a bonus move during any time in the round. may use this to evade an attack or even move someone else from an attack, or jump in front of a spell to deflect it.

Speed Deflection One time a day can deflect any/all attacks for 1 round(per ability). next 2 day any attack/spell/ability, 3, then 4/day and so on.

Fast as light Multiply your speed by 1/2 your HD(per ability) Causes double damage(per ability)(optionally do 3d6 damage per ability, or 1d6 per 10ft traveled)(optionally Free attacks against you do your bonus damage, or roll 1-5 Cause the bonus damage to yourself)on a charge(may vibrate hand fast instead full round) on a charge targets are also flat footed, inless there movement speed is atlessed 1/4 yours. example taken 10 times, level 10 char =x5 speed x10 ability, x50 faster base speed, x20 damage. you don't have to hit full multiplier, but a min of x2. Tip for D&D to MPH Divide your squares by 3 well equal mph, i calculated it, its like .28th of a square. very accurate. example 6 sq x 5 run =30 squares = 10 MPH human running (which is 50% slower then normal) Realistically we should move 9 squares base, not 6. also ever 500 squares traveled well create an after image effect(or one image per ability), because of such incredible speeds. (as mirror image but only lasts while running or 1 round) Also allows you to run one water. (or able to at mach 2 1500 mph optional), if taken 5 times, able to run to different time lines finding yourself in the pass, or disappearing to the future, if used multiple times Time Wraiths my chase/hunt you down, with your same movement speed. , or ghost speedsters.

Flight Gain a fly speed as Base speed. Take again stacks example base speed 30 ft, take 3 times equals 90 ft flight. My Fly with your subtype, example surfing on ice. or flying as a smoke cloud

Energy Blast Use sonic to cause some serious damage of your subtype, 1d10 1 target, 1d6 20 ft radius or 30 ft cone. Goes threw hardness and Dr. Save Fort half. Scream for a physical ability or may do with just a though as an metal ability, but not both.

Phase/Transmute Body One action lets you turn incorporeal, take again as move, again as free, or again to effect 10 ft radius per time taken. My choose an type of body instead of phasing, like turning into water/Electric This requires Subtype class ability.

Subtype Nature, slime, Pokemon, Tar, imagination, Smoke, fear, animal, anime, robotics, metal, Blood, Water/ice, Electric, Neon, Bomb, Sand, Air, Fire, Soul, light(positive energy) so on. Allows you to turn your attacks into this type of damage, and get an subtype. example fire subtype well make you take double damage from cold, but immune to fire, as an sand may make you immune physical but double from fire. take this again to get another subtype, or use your melee attacks as 30 ft range attacks, example throwing fire or slashing winds. Gain + 1d4 Damage of the subtype per time taken on attacks. If spend 5 class abilities can use death effects much like the bomb school. Except turning them into gold or water. Fort/Neg 1/day (per ability) Instead of a death effect you could hold or trip or do whatever to your targets, for example freezing people in ice, or fighting with a network of wires.

Eat Eat 1 Person vs Grab of your size(1 size small then you counts as .5). take again for more people to fit in your belly, works as swallow hole Slam Damage +1.5 strength + 1d6/level acid damage per round. Cutting out is 1/4 of your hp Ac 10, no hardness, can only use small or natural weapons to cut out.

Steal Powers/Rouge Steal 1 power/Spell for 24 hours on touch attack. take again example steals 2 powers for 48 hrs. Stolen Spells/Powers/Class ability/Feat/ or whatever, can be used at will till Duration. Cant steal Anti-magic Brute Power. Take 5 times for permanent. You can only hold one ability per class ability, intil taken 10 times. Will/Neg

Ant Man increase or decrees size by one size per ability. +8 strength each up damage die per size. or -1 damage die +8 dexterity per size keeping your strength. also increases hide/spot +8 per size.

Bomb Touch Everything touched turns into a bomb 1d6 20 ft radius (per ability). Must take 5 times to explode living creatures (1/day per ability). Fort/neg to be turn into a bomb, Reflex half to evade the explosion. May delay the explosion for 1 round first ability, then 1 min, then 1hr per ability. Can only set one delayed bomb per ability.

Time Shift Allows you to control time. You gain 1 time point (per ability) at the cost of one time point you may freeze time for one round, rewind time 1 rd, or time jump(future) 1 round you simple disappear unaffectable for one round, can be used to evade as a free action. When you rewind time your physical body rewinds as well, you don't travel back to see your self in a different time line. If you jumped off a cliff last round or survived a critical, that be a great time to jump back a round when you were fine, however this rewinds the damage everyone has taken and everything that has happened not just you. You may also instead slow time giving you 3 rounds of haste(+1mv or action), for one time point. Theses points recharge at the rate of 1 per 4 rounds. If taken 5 times recharge 1 per 2 rounds

Magic/Psionics Gain Magic points(MP) 1MP x Wis x times taken. Use 1st level spells +1 Spell level Per time taken. May also use psionics. Cost equals 1 per Spell/psionics level example Fireball costs 3. Caster level equals your level. Optionally You can times Your MP by your lvl, and the cost by the caster level. example your level 5, ability taken 3 times wisdom modifier 4. 3x4 =12 (fire costs 3) 12x(lvl)5=60 (fire costs 3x5=15 MP) Same times a day, but more complex but also Caster level is controllable Fire ball 15d6, Cost = 15x3 (45MP), Hope this is understandable. May Cast subtypes Example 5d10 Telekinetic shield around yourself, Cost equals 1MPx(Class Ability) 5d10 = 5MP

Devour Subtype absorb things of your subtype to gain more power, if used on a creature Fort/Neg. Gain +10% experienced Per square Eaten example burning hands is 3sq as a fire ball 20 ft radius 4x4 = 16 squares. if your level Doubles you double your size. take again for each element. Every level Give +10 hp +2 attack/Ac +5 damage +1 saves/dc, For average. Also gives class abilities, however they have to be class abilities all ready learned. Can eat 1 square a round(per ability) or 10 damage/round(per ability) for creatures of that subtype(healing you 10 hp/square or 1 hp/damage). IF hit by an EMP/anti-magic zone field well revert back to normal also loses 10% experienced per day till normal. keep track of all this experienced separate.

Change self/shape shifting Make your self appear/sound as some one else +10 disguise(per ability). or Take one on ability/trait per ability of different creatures, example Could turn into a vampire and take its DR, or a Mindflayer and psionic mindblast, or mimic spells as your level. or a dragon's wings to fly.

Aura People that go into your space take damage equal to energy blast. 10 ft radius takes 1/2 5 ft radius takes 1/4, so on. (10 ft radius per ability) Reflex/half If in your square no save.

Spider Man Reflexes Gain +2 Ac 30 ft blind sense and evasion(then improved). (per ability)

Spider Web May replace attacks with Range touch attacks 60 ft Strength vs Dc. Entangles, or take again held. May swing or spring yourself forward with your webs moving and extra 60 ft. My also take again to use as a subtype to do damage with venom or effect an area as held. example 1 subtype 3 spider ability 30 ft radius held, this is Reflex/Neg but half movement however.

Spider Climb Climb up walls at 1/2 movement (per ability) take 3 times allows to run up walls, works as physical ability, and in no magic zones.

Black holes/Dimension pockets/Portals/Nucular/Reality warping Create portals to enter different dimensions/timelines, or create black holes(black holes/nucular abilities require level 10). black holes destroy 10 ft radius a round as disintegration(may suck things threw portals/time portals/dimensions instead of destroying them, or simply be a nuke with same radius just fire damage Fort/Neg Vs Death save = 10 damage/ability) Fort/Neg, pulls in 20 ft radius/ability Reflex/Neg, and last 1 rd (per ability). Time travel 1 hour, then 1 day, then 1 week, then 1 month, then 1 year, then 10 years( after multiply this by 10 per ability). Or open a portal 1 rd, size 10 ft(per ability) as plane shift. or use an class ability to get a Dimension pocket/s one point store anything in another dimension like bag of holding up to your weight use your wisdom modifier(times ability) instead of strength. store creatures med size +1 size(ability) Will/Neg. Reality warping requires level 10, or 5 class abilities of this school, much like a miracle or wish but less limited. Turn your self into a king, bend time, erase someone from existence, re-write a mistake. increase the tech level, and much more. Effects things equal to your black hole/nucular area. 20 ft radius make a huge statue turn into gold. 1 min cast time, then -1 rd per rank. Different cost then black hole, but you could cause the same effect, just take longer to cast, but more optional. Creatures in area Save/Neg, save depends on the effect. mind vs will, body vs fort, evade vs reflex.

Jumper/Teleport May teleport to any place has been as a full rd, then to any place entirely as 1 action. next as free action, next 2 twice a rd, next 3 times a rd, and so on. Take 5 times, and effect other targets sight. You can also use this to teleport/trap people in diffrent things like mirrors or Art work, could also do this with Warp Reality. Will/Neg

Immorality Based off dead pool, able to hit any negative with dying. When you reach -10 you lose a random limb, and another for every -10 below 0. when hp hits 0 all your limbs are back together, however you gain a insanity. 5 Reg each time. This doesn't however make you God, if each limb is put on a different planet it might be hard to get back together. Needs to be with 5 ft of each other for regeneration to take place. You could just end up as a lonely head drifting threw space, but hey your alive. Like wise you can be immortal but think of you own creative weakness/background, example holy water, tears of an angel, an special dagger/ritual, or finding love may permanently kill you.

Water breathing allows you to breath underwater plus 30 swim speed(per ability), take again also allows you to survive space and vaccumes

Empathy Use emotions to control/influence actions. Rage well make them attack +4 attack/damage(ability), sorrow to make them cry and avoid combat -4 attack/damage(ability), happiness to help befriend them as charm, fear to make them run as fear spell. this effects 10 ft radius/ability used. and 1 min/ability. targets fleeing or in sorrow well fight if backed into a corner, raging victims well attack anyone or anything if nothing to attack. Save will/Neg Mental ability.

Psychometry/object reading When you touch an object you can see its 1 day of history, then 1 week, then 1 year, then 10 years so on, and what the owner of the object is current doing and where.

ONE PUNCH/K.O Requires Level 10, when you hit instantly kills target/Knocks out target. Full attack action, then one action, then one move. Targets can only be effected ones a round. Fort/Neg however takes +10 damage per ability. Like wise you can blow people up with your mind, Will/Neg

Change Memory Change one memory per ability, example if there best friend was just killed by you, you could make it look like someone else was the cause.

Mind Control Control 10 ft radius(per ability) as Charm, take again as domination, and again for dominate monster. take again and make your victims kill there self. after taken 5 times, radius turns into anyone that can see you/hear you may be all ways active instead of a standard action. (doesn't typically work threw things like televisions). this lasts 1 day/ability. For 10 abilities Range extends to anyone you ever saw, meet, or came in contact with.

Stretchy +5 ft reach/ability, shape your body to fit in smaller/bigger sizes 1 size/ability. example stretch your self to make a bridge, or fit under a door. 3 Dr/Bludgeon/ability optionally be immune blunt but take double vs slashing. take 3 times lets you turn into a parachute, take 5 times to slide threw the smallest cracks(or if your size is fine you can).

Summon Subtype 2 Rd/ability damage works as subtype rules, example you could create a lava volcano that keeps shooting fire everywhere, or an simple wall of stone/ice, or a turrets. Summons have 1/4 your health(per ability). Ac 10+5/ability. Fails saving throws, immune to mind effects. Shares your subtype example a sandstorm (1d6/ability 20 radius/ability of subtype, Radius cant stack on each other but may kill each other, example firestorm/blizzard) takes double damage from fireballs, and immune to physical attacks. 1 full round, 1 standard action, 1 move, 1 free action. (always max one summon a rd)

Summon Mass Subtype allows to summon +1 more subtype/ability, control +1 Per class ability.

Summon Permanent Subtype Requires 5 class abilities of summon subtype, can have endless summons, but only able to control 1 summon per class ability in the Summon Mass School. until you spend 5 points into summon subtype mass, then you can create armies.

Read mind 10 ft radius/ability Read surface thoughts 1st(happy sad), next ability point more detailed information like names, current planes intentions, next subconscious things even allowing you to predict how people would react thing things knowing exactly what they well do before they do, will/neg

Telepathy communicate with anyone same radius as mind control.

Psychokinesis Throw/hit things with your mind. This is a subtype. Use Wis modifier for attacks. Every point into subtype, increases size you can effect by one. throw distance as super strength, or hold/trip/disarm or whatever. 1 action, one addition class ability 1 move, then 1 free. My create a shield to absorb damage equal to your subtype damage.

Martial Arts gain an extra attack, or +4 bonus to ac(as dodge), or gain access to Martial Arts maneuvers school, 1 maneuver level(per ability) 3 points uses 3rd level maneuvers, & Here is many many all ready made maneuvers to use, may use any other maneuver schools as well. Counts as having all requirements, maneuvers level based on class abilities used. All damage for maneuvers change to 1 dice per ability. No Max, at 10 ability levels gain epic level maneuvers. Use epic level spell seed +4 skill check (per ability), to determine its power. Also gain meet all requirements for epic level feats. Also meet requirements for all class abilites, even epic.

Magnetism/shape metal As Psychokinesis, but twice as strong, and only effects metals.

Drug/item:Super Hero Enhancer:Maker Costs 1000(level squared) Example Level 5 drug enhancer costs 25,000 gold, and gives 5 temporary levels. (all ways lasts 5 mins) Also gives 5 class abilities, however they have to be class abilities all ready learned. Theses can be items like magical artifacts or tech, that increases your power instead. the cost of theses items are 10 times greater then the temporary solution. You May create an Super Hero instead through experiments instead, costing 10,000 gold multiple by levels givin squared. Target needs to make an fort/neg or die. Dc = 20 + levels Given

Dampen Super Power:Item Works as EMP Man/Anti Magic. Could be a collar cage/jail, so on. Costs 25,000 Gold.(25,000 Gold you may make an mental blocker keeping out mental attacks/mind effects like charm, how ever prevents the use of mental abilities like mind control or spells/psonics). (Health 10 hardness 5)(multiple this for each 5000 gold) +5000 gold per 10 ft cube.

Resurrection Require level 10, or 5 subtype positive energy, as breath of life. hp + area of subtype.

Truth +10 sense motive( per class ability), after 3 ranks, is automatic, and targets cant lie when they are near you 50 ft radius(per rank).

Invisibility/Control Light/Illusions May effect 10 ft radius(per ability) hide or detect creatures/things/illusions. +10(or -10, and so on) hide, camouflage. then +20 hide invisibility. then may be effected by a silence(or create sound in illusion area) spell, after 5 class points hides from all things like blind sight life detection and so on(illusions permanent can keep one active per ability). Spend a point anytime so it may all ways be active example fighting/sleeping while invisible. Control Light/Illusions are Will/Neg.

Psychic/Clairvoyance/omniscience/Astral Projection 1 mile distance times ability squared. able to see distance futures/understand/predict/see/hear, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month,then 1 year(per ability), after 5 class abilities used, you can even send metal effects(mind control, warp reality if taken) to different time lines over endless distance. Effect 1 thing/ability. If your body is K.O as in Astral Projection for example +2 Dc/ability instead on one, and range/time is twice as powerful.

Major Sacrifices For Major Power Take 1 hit point damage permanent, to x2 your power for a single round, or use of an ability. Multiple this be amount taken, example 10 class ability 10 max hp lost, for x10 black hole. Make a Fort/Neg Dc = 0+max hp lost, if you fail by 10 it results in an death effect(like you exploding from growing to large as ant man). by 5 see-sure or insanity. +4 to this save for every ability used. and +4 dc(per ability) when using this.

Meta Magic/Meta Power Every time you take this one can use one meta magic to work on one superpower. Example Maximize or Area Control on Subtype Blast.

Famous Hero Everyone your aligned well most likely recognize you, Cheering your name, others well hate you or fear you. Become the main character. Aura sight Will/Neg. This is quite entertaining to give to something like a bear man, that wears spandex, or an angry gassy fairy for example.

Bad Luck Aura Sight Will/Neg. Everything always seems to go wrong, the fireballs/magic like to target you, twice as likely for the chest to be trapped. You can let bad things happen to you automatically, example tripping into a pit trap. automatically roll a 1. every time you do, you can make anyone/anything also roll a 1 one time(per ability), Will/Neg (Optional)

Good Luck Like Good luck, but get an natural 20 instead ones(per ability), however giving an random enemy an natural 20 as well. Okay maybe no my best idea. Take 5 times, and random chance effect allies as well. 10 times, and choose who it effects.

Combine Effects Combine one effect(per ability) Example subtype shark, subtype summon, eat. Giving your sharks the swallow hole ability, or Magic, Grease and burning hands to light your grease spell on fire with one action/spell.

Bestow Super Power Gives target by touch one class ability(per ability) for 1 day(per ability). This doesn't stack on an target, however you can use it again on a different target or to change that targets abilities. Take 5 times, and becomes Permanent. (optionally lose one temporary level per use, or per ability given). Target makes fort ones a day, ones save the powers take effect (Optional).

Spin/Top/Unbalance Makes targets 10 ft radius(per ability) lose there balance falling Reflex/Neg

scam artist/Con man Will/Neg. Somehow all your ideas just seem to make sense no matter how ridiculous. +4 Dc for believable lies. +2 Dc for possible. +2 Dc (Per ability). Range of sight/hear. Example You " Come get your one and only magical Rock, that grants immortality. Only 65 Easy Payments of 4999"" Whoever fails the save believes you.

X-Ray Vision 60 ft per ability, +10 Spot/Perception per ability. Allowing you to see as true sight.

Grain Wishes As Warp Reality but twice as strong, may not grain yourself wishes.

Control Magic Make an caster check +2(per ability), if successful may control the target/placement of someone else's spell. take twice for psionics, again for supernatural, again extraordinary abilities. 5 times to combine your effects into there abilities. 1 effect per your class ability taken. 1 ability, standard action, 2 ability move action, 3 ability free action, 4 ability immediate action.

Control Tech +10 Skill check Per ability, radius 30 ft/ability. 1 ability, standard action, 2 ability move action, 3 ability free action, 4 ability immediate action.

Control Construct As mind control, but for Constructs. Will/Neg (or Caster checks +4/ability)

Pitty/Cute 30 ft radius(per ability) as calm emotions. +2 Dc/ability.

Buffering/Turtle 10 ft radius(per ability) As Time shift, however hitting an area instead of yourself. Take 5 times, recharge 2 points a round, and not be effected by your own area.

Awakened Creature/Animal Mutations caused super intelligence. increase intelligence wisdom and charisma to 20.

Builder/Full Metal Alchemist/Tansumute Object Create Things 2000 Gold x Ability Squared( Optionally May require 1/10 of cost, and 1 minute to in-1 Round of placing the objects in an circle). 1 min/ability Take 5 times for permanent. Can make magic items or anything like spelljammers. Rules for building Houses and what not. . SpellJammer Link , If create drugs make then benifit equal to the side effect at one stat/ability. example +5 wis -5 str, the 5 class abilities of psychic, but 50% stun chance each round. Addiction level customizable. Transmute turn objects into other objects, as the same size, and to your gold vaule subtype range For/Neg Requires 5 ability.

Hope/inspire/rage 10 ft radius(per ability) Give your allies +2 Saves, or +2 attack/damage, 1 Dr/adamantium, +4 skill checks, or 2 Ac. (per ability). Example 2 abilities taken you could give +2 Ac, and 1 Dr, or +4 Ac(Dodge bonus)

Extend/Mass Ability Extend your radius for an ability by 100 ft(per ability). after 5 taken 500 ft (per ability). After 10 ability 1000 ft (per ability squared)

Work In Progress ---

Honorable Mentions

Subtypes: Weather, Magic tricks, Cards, Time, Music, Trap, imprisonment, Wires, Food, Tron, Soul, Pyrokinesis, Poisoned Food, Life Drain

Soul/Life Drain Subtype: Instead of death effect level drain = 1/2 ability no save, and create spawn HD/ability. Imm negitive energy, double damage from positive energy. Damage Caused heals you 1/4 of damage per ability.









astral projection Psychokinesis Telepathy Teleportation Precognition Pyrokinesis Psychic Weather modification Omniscience Night vision Fire breathing Extrasensory perception Omnipresence Eidetic memory Witchcraft Necromancy Scrying Power ring Divination Infrared vision Power Negation Power Augmentation


More Ideas Bellow

SuperHero Examples

Ang the Air Bender

lvl 5

Subtype air x2, fire Subtype x1

flight x1

Martial Arts x1

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Other Classes: <-How this class typically interacts with other classes and how characters of this class interact with characters of other classes->.

Combat: <-Typical role in combat->.

Advancement: <-Typical advancement options for characters with this class. Include desirable multiclass options->.

<-pluralized class name-> in the World[edit]

<-Some quote from a character of this class->
—<-NPC name->, <-race-> <-class->

<-Where characters of this class fit in a d20 world.->

Daily Life: <-day in the life of a character of this class->.

Notables: <-notable NPCs of this class->.

Organizations: <-info on what, where, when, and how characters of this class congregate and assemble->.

NPC Reactions: <-How NPCs react to PCs of this class->.

<-class name-> Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in <-the appropriate skills-> can research <-pluralized class name-> to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

<-the appropriate skills->
DC Result
5 <-common knowledge->.
10 <-not so common knowledge->.
15 <-rare information->.
20 <-very rare information->.

<-pluralized class name-> in the Game[edit]

<-How characters of this class fit in the game (PC and NPC) and what roles they play.->

Adaptation: <-Possible variant conceptions of this class.->.

Sample Encounter: <-DM placement for NPCs of this class.->.

EL : <-Encounter scenario and character info on sample NPC including stat block. The CR of the NPC is typically the same as the EL for the encounter.->.

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