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Subrace humans are a method of allowing humans to use the halfbreed subraces for creating crossbreeds, rather than using dedicated halfbreed races. It uses the two valid methods of human character creation as two subraces of humans.

Roles of Empty Canvas[edit]

Unusual in that, as a race, they are not particularly good at anything, but as individuals, they can be the best at anything. Humans have no unique or impressive anatomy, at least not when compared with other intelligent races. In fact, their generic bland-ness is their defining characteristic! Basically, any humanoid race can look at a human and think, "My, what an oddly mushy looking fellow!" without even realizing it is a human! Humans have very dull senses as well, further dulled by their fondness for harsh, inebriating chemicals. Humans have great difficulty digesting raw food, and feel the need to cook and heavily preserve nearly everything for fear of parasites or disease.

Untouched Sheets of Clay[edit]

Humans are arrogant, believing themselves large and long-lived, but they are actually rather small and short-lived, comparatively. This gives them a sense of urgency which, (to other races) appears as pure impatience. Humans have a society based on sexual-insecurity-derived superiority complexes. Humans have a nearly psychotic sex drive, so much so that everything they do is an effort to obtain sex. They do this by making themselves "stand out" or appear "special", which is, above all, the most attractive trait to a human. Thus, their instincts drive them to outrageous lengths to feel or appear "valuable", but in truth no individual is any more so than any other. To make themselves valuable, they must then devalue someone else. This creates an arbitrarily stratified culture, with layered social classes, eventually culminating in several leading hierarchies. Usually, the hierarchy peaks with leadership for government, culture/economy, religion, and crime. All of these depend on the instructional role of a single individual "at the top". This system of devaluing each other to make themselves valuable is, in itself, what fuels their need for growth and activity. If they all felt as valuable as they actually are, they would be content and disinterested in major activities- much like the longer-lived races. Humans are the most culturally diverse race, and due to their prejudiced nature, are quick to notice (and judge) the differences of others. Humans are world-renowned for their obscene tendency toward greed, xenophobia, violence, and other basal, animal-like behavior.

Tattooed Black[edit]

Humans have the most complex political landscape in the world. They have no cohesion, and regularly war amongst themselves. As such, their relations with other races are only further complicated. In general, it can be said that Humanity's reputation is nor especially good. They are renowned as brigands, con-artists, racists, madmen, and tyrants. They are also known for their kindness, unbridled shows of passion and affection, their exuberant arts and recreation, their grass roots philosophy, and their culinary arts. Their closest ties are with the races most like themselves, Elves and Dwarves. Many human cultures look at non-humans as nothing more than talking animals. Many individuals of other races think of humans as a sort of intelligent breed of orcs.


The only racial trait humans have is the Subrace trait. There are only two full-blooded human subraces to choose from, but a human may also be any given type of halfbreed.


Wildmen are indigenous, tribal cultures located in harsh regions which have forced them to become innately capable.

Ability Score Adjustment. Wildmen get +1 to all abilities.


Hearthmen are settled, established, sovereign states, who have technological advancements including agriculture, animal husbandry, currency, and architecture.

Ability Score Adjustment. Two different ability scores of your choice increase by 1.
Skill. You gain proficiency in one skill of your choice.
Feat. You gain one feat of your choice.


Humans are the most promiscuous intelligent race in the world. As a result, humans are the most likely to produce halfbreed children.

Halfblood. Increase any one of your ability scores by 2, then choose a humanoid subrace.
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