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Cost: 1,500 gp
Speed: 40 mph (60ft flying)

A stinger is a large twin seater fighter craft with automatic fire and magical propulsion. Built mainly for short distance assaults or escorts of airships, Stingers are equipped with enough gear to handle nearly any situation.
Size: large
Armor class: 14
HP: 85
Crew: Stingers require a small crew of 2 people to be flown, a pilot and a tail gunner.
Weaponry: Stingers carry two front facing machine guns that deal 3d10+5 piercing damage and has the following properties. Ammunition (range 30/ 150ft), Burst fire, reload (40 shots). These guns can only attack creatures or objects directly in front of the stinger, anything next to or behind the stinger is out of range. Additionally, the Stinger is equipped with a rear-facing tail gun that can swivel in a 180 degree angle. Sharing the same stats as the twin machine guns it can also be fired as a reaction. Anything that is outside of an 180 degree angle behind the stinger is out of range for the tail gun. The Stinger carries a total amount of 266 shots of ammunition before the Stinger runs out completely.
Aerodynamics: The Stinger is unable to fully stop in mid air and the only time it is able to hover is when they land. While landing, all weapons are disabled until the Stinger takes off again.
Flyby attack: The Stinger provokes no opportunity attacks when it flies out of an enemies reach.
Ballista mountable: The Stinger can be placed or landed onto a ballista to be launched into the air. When the Stinger is launched, it gains double its movement speed for its turn.

Bomber variant: Rather than a standard assault Stinger, a Bomber Stinger is a little more clunky but allows for more aerial support ability. As a bonus action, you can drop a bomb from the Stinger. This bomb can be one of two variants: Impact or Timed. An impact bomb will explode on contact with the ground, building, object or creature. Creatures within 15ft of the impact must make a Dex saving throw with a DC of 15 or take 5d6 fire damage, or half as much on a successful save. A timed bomb can be equipped with a fuse to explode after a set time, usually 1-6 rounds. Roll initiative for the bomb, after the set number of goes by the bomb explodes on that initiative. A bomber Stinger can hold a maximum of 3 bombs before needing to be loaded with more. Additionally, a bomber Stinger has a total amount of 160 shots of ammunition before the Stinger runs out completely. Also due to its bulky design, it is unable to be launched from a ballista.


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