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Smallville is the hometown of Clark Kent. The town was protected by the first Superboy, before he began his career in Metropolis as Superman. Post-Crisis, the second Supergirl and third Superboy have spent significant time in Smallville.


Smallville is an idyllic small isolated American town, with an atmosphere resembling the settings of the paintings of Norman Rockwell. Its residents are generally very friendly, although for a relatively minor civic center its crime rate is unusually high.

Noted residents of Smallville include the Kent family Jonathan and Martha Kent, or Ma and Pa Kent as they were often called, and their adopted son Clark Kent; Clark's friend, classmate and sometimes romantic interest Lana Lang; Clark's best friend Pete Ross, and Smallville police chief Douglas Parker. Other noted residents include Professor Phineas Potter (Lana's uncle), archaeologist Lewis Lang (her father) and a younger version of Lex Luthor. The late Conner Kent, the third Superboy, has lived in Smallville with Ma and Pa Kent, though he did not quite enjoy it.

Smallville's economy seems mostly to consist of various locally owned businesses, along with various farms surrounding the town, including the Kent family farm.

Clark, Pete, and Lana attend Smallville's only high school, Smallville High School.

In terms of media, Smallville has had several newspapers mentioned over the years, including the Smallville Sentinel and Smallville Times-Reader. Smallville receives its television and radio broadcasts from a larger nearby city.

A billboard outside of Smallville greets those driving into and out of town; the billboard features a picture of Superboy waving, with words next to it reading: "Welcome to Smallville, Home of Superboy."

Geographical Location[edit]

Smallville is in the midwest in the state of Kansas

Notable Locations[edit]

  • Kent Farm
  • The Talon
  • Smallville High School

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