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What we have here is a rare opportunity for me to cut loose... and show you just how powerful I really am.
—Clark Kent, Superman
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Metropolis is one of the largest and wealthiest cities on earth.


Metropolis is a major city on the East Coast.

In relation to Gotham City[edit]

Metropolis is within driving distance of Gotham City, home of Batman. Gotham and Metropolis are twin cities in the Northeastern United States. Metropolis is a larger, wealthier city than its twin counterpart.


The founding of Metropolis came about when Swedish settlers bought it as a bargain from some natives on New Troy Island. The island was exchanged for a few trinkets.


Metropolis is a world class city on the same caliber as New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago. It is often referred to as The Big Apricot just as New York City is nicknamed as The Big Apple.

Districts and boroughs[edit]

Similar to New York City, Metropolis is made up of six boroughs, the largest being New Troy. Each of the boroughs has its own distinct character and feel though all resemble and mimic some part of New York.

New Troy[edit]

New Troy is the largest borough in Metropolis. Resembling Manhattan, New Troy is a skyscraper island bustling with commerce and business. The concrete and steel canyons of the city rise to dizzying heights.

The Daily Planet Building is the most recognizable landmark in the Metropolis skyline. Located in "Planet Square", it is particularly known for the Daily Planet globe atop the building. Other prominent skyscrapers include the Emperor Building , the Newstime Building (home of the national Newstime magazine) which is secretly owned for several years by Lord Satanus posing as "Colin Thornton", and the Twin Towered LexCorp Tower, headquarters for Lex Luthor's company.

Besides the Financial District, notable areas of New Troy include Chinatown, Little Bohemia (the arts capital of Metropolis), and Glenmorgan Square.

Famous streets in New Troy include Fifth Avenue, Bessolo Boulevard, and Topaz Lane.

Centennial Park (sometimes labeled as Metropolis Park) is Metropolis' largest city park. Its most noteworthy feature is a statue of Superman, erected after his death fighting Doomsday.

Other notable places (and their NYC inspirations) include Wireless City Movie Theater, the Halldorf Hotel, Lacey's Department Store, Stacey's Department Store, and Spiffany's Jewelry Store.

In northwestern New Troy is the impoverished and crime-infested neighborhood of Suicide Slum. The Ace o' Clubs is a bar owned by Bibbo Bibbowski in Suicide Slum.

The now-married Clark Kent] and Lois Lane currently live in an apartment in New Troy, at 1938 Sullivan Lane; Clark Kent's traditional address of 344 Clinton Street, Apartment 3D, was usually described as being located in midtown Metropolis.

Other boroughs and suburbs[edit]

New Troy is separated from the suburban boroughs by the West River and Hobb's River. Midvale is a suburb of Metropolis, more well-known as the home of Supergirl and the site of the Midvale Orphanage.. Bakerline is another borough of Metropolis. Located north of New Troy, Bakerline is the home of newspaper reporter Jimmy Olsen.

Other boroughs and suburban areas include Queensland Park, Hell's Gate, St. Martin's Island, Park Ridge, Metrodale, and Highville.

Law and government[edit]


At least two mayors are known to be considered part of Metropolis' history:

  • Frank Berkowitz, whose term began prior to Superman's first known public meeting with Lex Luthor as depicted in the Man of Steel mini-series by John Byrne. Berkowitz was killed by a sniper hired by Luthor years later.
  • "Buck" Sackett, elected as Berkowitz's successor, and covertly Luthor's "puppet".

Metropolis Police Department[edit]

The Metropolis Police Department possesses a special crimes unit dedicated to defending the city against superhuman menaces in case Superman is absent. The unit is headed by Maggie Sawyer and Dan Turpin, with both maintaining frequent contact with the Man of Steel. Another of Superman's police contacts over the years has been Inspector William Henderson.

People and culture[edit]

The people of Metropolis are a diverse group of large city-dwellers, befitting Metropolis being one of the country's largest and most important cities outside of New York.


Metropolis' premier newspaper is the The Daily Planet, one of the most renowned news organizations in the DC Universe. The city is also home to the national Newstime magazine.

Other major media located in Metropolis include WGBS-TV, flagship station of the Galaxy Broadcasting System (GBS) television network, both subsidiaries of media conglomerate Galaxy Communications. Popular shows included The Midnight Show Starring Johnny Nevada. During the 1970s, both Clark Kent and Lois Lane worked for WGBS (after Galaxy Communications purchased The Daily Planet), with Clark as the anchorman for the WGBS evening news (he was eventually joined by Lana Lang as a co-anchor). The station is usually used in any story where a television station is needed or shown. During the 1990s however, both Jimmy Olsen and Cat Grant did work there.

Cultural, educational, and research institutions[edit]

The Metropolis Museum of Natural History is a major intellectual landmark.

Another major Metropolis landmark was the Superman Museum, which featured various exhibits dedicated to Metropolis' favorite superhero, Superman.

Metropolis is home to Metropolis University, of which Clark Kent is a graduate with a journalism degree. The central branch of S.T.A.R. Labs, a major scientific research institution, is also located in Metropolis.


As befitting any world city, Metropolis is represented by teams in all major-league sports. Like New York City, it is home to two teams in baseball and football. Of the two baseball teams, the Metropolis Monarchs are Clark Kent's favorite, while the other team, the Metropolis Meteors, is having a rivalry with the St. Louis Cardinals.

In football, Metropolis is home to a team called the Metropolis Sharks as well as the Metropolis Metros and Metropolis Meteors.

The city is also home to the Metropolis Generals basketball team and the Metropolis Mammoths hockey team.

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