Shadow Well (5e Spell)

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Shadow Well
4th-level Illusion (ritual)
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 30 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You spit out the words of the spell, and the shadow of your foe darkens, becoming a solid black pit. Your opponent pinwheels its arms as it topples backward into the darkness.

You cause a single target creature's shadow to become a temporary gateway to a pocket realm within the Shadowfell. The target must make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failure, they are pulled into the gateway. Inside the pocket realm, the target sees a deserted, gloomy duplicate of the real world, while shadowy phantasms stalk and taunt it without causing real harm. On each of its turns, the target can use its action to attempt a Wisdom saving throw, ending this effect on a success. When the target returns to the real world, it must succeed on another Wisdom saving throw or become frightened for 1D4 rounds. Upon leaving the pocket realm, the target reappears in the spot it had been in when the shadow well spell was cast. If this space is occupied, it instead appears in the nearest unoccupied space to that point. Spells and abilities that move a creature within a plane, such as teleport and dimension door, do not help a creature to escape a shadow well spell, although a plane shift spell allows it to flee to another plane as normal. The target may still become frightened upon leaving in such a manner.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 5th level or higher, you can target one additional creature for each slot level above 4th. The creatures must be within 30 feet of each other when you target them.

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