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Physical Description[edit]

The Serpentine generally appear as scaly humanoids with snake-like heads. Generals have snake-like tails replacing their legs, which appears to be symbolic of their position; as soon as a different snake takes dominance in a tribe, its legs will become a tail and the conquered Serpentine will have its tail replaced by legs, although every member in the Anacondrai Tribe has tails. It is possible that similar changes would occur if other Serpentine of different ranks fought to increase their standing in the tribe (e.g. a Scout attempting to become a Soldier-ranked Serpentine, or a Soldier attempting to become a Warrior-ranked Serpentine). It is unclear what would happen if a Serpentine General perished without being challenged by a fellow tribes mate—presumably, the next-strongest member of the tribe would become General by default. Members of different tribes likewise possess the ability to breed with one another, although the results of these bonds result in hybrid mutants who lack powers. Children coming from such unions are often looked down upon in Serpentine society. At birth, Serpentine first start off as young vipers, seemingly identical to regular snakes but with the powers of their tribe. As they grow and mature, however, Serpentine children will eventually develop their legs, alongside the rest of their limbs. there looks also based off of there tribe and there rank wich the ranks will be described in society section.

The Hypnobrai are a tribe of Serpentine, based on the speckled cobra with a hint of the rattlesnake as well. They have the ability to hypnotize people at will, thus making their tribe name a pun on the word "hypnotize" (hypno cobrai). All Hypnobrai have a cobra-like hood, with the Soldiers, Warriors, and Generals having a full cobra head. Their colors are generally blue with some yellow, white, and medium/dark gray but some are known to be pink instead of blue.

The Fangpyre are one of the five Serpentine tribes. They are known for providing vehicular transportation for the Serpentine. Their body markings are red and white.Some of the Warriors and Generals have two heads. They have especially long, thin fangs.

Most venomari have four yellow eyes. Their colors are green (both dark and light shades) and red. They are immune to corrosive liquids. some members feature a pair of three spikes atop the flats of their heads.

Generals and Warriors have large spikes along their heads and backs.They are considerably shorter than other Serpentine of their rank. Their main colors are orange, black, and metallic gray.

The Anacondrai were one of the five main Serpentine tribes living in the world and were the most powerful, dangerous, and feared of all Serpentine, acting as the fiercest warriors of their time. The Anacondrai had purple skin, with some parts of their bodies being black. Unlike the other tribes, however, Anacondrai all had tails, and there was little to no difference between individuals. At the same time, the Generals (the Anacondrai were the only tribe to have several Generals) had regal body attire and red armor. The Generals also had black markings on top of their heads, with five of them sporting red eyes, while Arcturus, the main General, had green eyes and golden armor/attire.

some like Pythor does not have any armor or clothing like his ancestors did, as well as unique head shape and longer neck compared to his other Anacondrai brethren.

It is assumed that when an Anacondrai's skin is bleached, it turns white and their markings become purple.

Chen and his Anacondrai followers would later become Fake Anacondrai. These "Anacondrai" are nearly identical to the real counterparts, except they lack their black markings.

The Vermillion are the pure first-generation progeny of the Great Devourer, appearing as masses of snakes that can merge into humanoid forms. Although the Vermillion look vaguely humanoid at first glance, their true forms are red and/or orange snakes; they can combine their bodies to appear humanoid, aided by their armor and the telepathic command of their superiors. Despite being made entirely of snakes, Vermillion warriors can manifest fangs and eyes seemingly independent of their components.

Vermillion apparently reproduce via large "eggs" with a distinctive metallic grey shell and red spots on either end. When shattered, the eggs release several Vermillion snakes that attack anything not allied with their kind, making them effective weapons.

Vermillion vehicles are red and dark grey, with black and dull orange accents. Many have a single tank-like tread as their primary locomotion, as well as large blades on their sides for intimidation and attack on a passerby. The vehicles also have Vermillion snakes permeating their hulls, which act as a power source of sorts to enable their functions.

The Pyro Vipers are an ancient Serpentine tribe revived and currently led by Aspheera to aid her in her conquest of the world. Formerly, they lived in the Desert of Doom and were ruled by Mambo the Fifth. After Wu and Garmadon used the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu to stop Aspheera when she tried to overthrow Mambo the Fifth, she was sentenced to be locked in the Ancient Pyramid till her sins were forgotten.

Eventually, the tribe died off and their sarcophagi remained inside the pyramid. When Ninja explored the pyramid and unwittingly released Aspheera, the pyramid's destruction revived and freed the rest of the Pyro Vipers. They gained the power of fire from the lava which released them from their sarcophagi. In their original form, they appear to vaguely resemble Hypnobrai, but mostly in their eyes and somewhat blue colorization and some have constrictia coloration when in fire mode there skin color turns bronze, copper, gold, or black in fire mode most have fiery frills and fiery eyes.


Prehistory According to Serpentine legend, the Serpentine believe they were created at an unknown point in time by the First Spinjitzu Master.

Ancient History In the time of the First Spinjitzu Master (1000 years before modern time), humans and Serpentine were at peace, however, it was fragile. Humans could not enter Serpentine Valley and Serpentine could not enter the villages of humans, this was agreed on by the First Spinjitzu Master and the leader of the ancient Serpentine tribe that would eventually be known as the Pyro Vipers: Mambo the Fifth.

One day the Sons of the First Spinjitzu Master entered Serpentine Valley and were captured. Aspheera agreed to free Wu and Garmadon, but only if they promised to teach her the secrets of Spinjitzu. Wu and Garmadon promised but Wu was the only one to keep his promise. After Wu taught Aspheera Spinjitzu, she tried to overthrow King Mambo the Fifth and launch an invasion. Wu and Garmadon used the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu to stop her and she was magically entombed in the Ancient Pyramid. Eventually, the Pyro Vipers died off and the Ancient Pyramid was the last surviving piece of their culture.

Soon afterwards, the five other Serpentine tribes came into existence. Fearing the dawn of the Golden Master's reign was imminent, the Serpentine tried to warn the people of the world, but they wouldn't listen, and instead looked upon the Serpentine as enemies. The Serpentine then tried to force the people underground, but they failed, even using the young Great Devourer (a snake that grows everytime it eats) to scare them below the surface. After their failed attempts to protect the people, the Serpentine were seen as monsters.

Serpentine War The lack of trust between humans and Serpentine started the Serpentine War. As the war progressed and as time went by, tensions between man and snake began to die down. However, seeking to spread chaos, Chen told each side that the other was going to attack, which restarted the war.

The Elemental Masters once again met the Serpentine in battle. As the Elemental Masters began to win, the Anacondrai, led by Arcturus, appeared and began to overwhelm them.

In another battle, the Elemental Masters battled the Anacondrai once more. As they began to win, one of the Elemental Masters sided with the Serpentine and the Elemental Masters lost once more. Later, as the Elemental Masters began to walk home from battle, defeated and discouraged, Garmadon realized that they could use the Sacred Flutes in order to defeat them, seeing a man use one to put a small cobra in a trance. The Elemental Masters used the flutes and drove the five Serpentine tribes into five separate tombs. As punishment for their war crimes, Wu and Garmadon had Arcturus and the other Anacondrai Generals banished to the Cursed Realm. Decades later, Chen would meet the same fate, and rightly so as he was the reason for the war's resurgence.

close to modern times a new species of serpentine was discovered known as the vermilion they are the first-generation progeny of the Great Devourer, appearing as masses of snakes that can merge into humanoid forms. the vermilion are currently lost in time and when they will be back or if there are any left is unknown.

the pyro vipers eventually came back to life by a pyro viper which who was able to use element of fire to bring them back as flaming mummies they eventually lost there fire power it is unknown if any of the mummified ones still alive so as far as we know aspheera only one left.


The Serpentine are vicious and warlike creatures, and their society appears to measure all things in terms of power. They solve disputes and seek entertainment in the Slither Pit, effectively gladiatorial combat where they determine superiority by one participant being more powerful and cunning than the other. Many Serpentine look down on other species, out of arrogance or anger at being sealed away by the other races. They are predisposed to combat and violence to achieve their goals and are not averse to using dirty tricks or superior numbers to overwhelm their enemies.

This aggressive mindset often hinders the Serpentine more than it benefits them, as fighting is prevalent among Serpentine tribes, and even among different ranks within each tribe. On the other hand, Serpentine are unwaveringly loyal to those who can conclusively demonstrate their superiority, readily following every command of such individuals—at least until their leaders show signs of weakness or incompetence.

However, some positive traits have been observed among the Serpentine. They are capable of camaraderie and friendship, as seen when Skales and Fangtom greet each other as old friends despite their tribal alignments. Additionally, Pythor sought to awaken the Great Devourer specifically to avenge his race on the surface-dwellers who sealed them away, implying that he genuinely wants to see Serpentine dominance for their own sakes. Likewise, despite having been the one to devour his tribe, Pythor was ultimately against the idea of tarnishing their name in death, getting past his own grudges to avenge the mockery that had been done to his people.

The Serpentine also seemed to have a righteous sense of justice, being quick to act in preparation for the arrival of the Golden Master, though some of their methods were questionable. Ultimately, while meaning well, their paranoia and recklessness in trying to stop their war with the humans only helped start it, and feeling wronged and unknowing of the true situation, felt they deserved vengeance on the humans for what had happened.

Following their imprisonment in the Stone Army Tomb, the Serpentine sought more pacifistic reforms, seeking to atone for their ways. As a result, nearly all of them became much more peaceful, promoting politeness and courtesy. Despite this, as a result of the past, they nevertheless remained somewhat wary of humans, but ultimately came over this in order to help them upon the attack of the Golden Master, finally bridging the gap that had separated the two species for so long. As a result, the Serpentine began to venture out onto the surface, regularly interacting with the humans as generic citizens.

Despite these pacifistic reforms, however, some Serpentine, though no longer criminals, nevertheless preferred their old ways of combat and fighting. Multiple members, most notably Mezmo, continued the tradition of the Slither Pit at Yang Tavern and even invited non-serpentine, such as humans and Skulkin(skeletons), to participate.

Snake King The supreme leader of the Serpentine, usually a general who manages to assert their authority over the others. Long before the war, Mambo the Fifth was Serpentine King during the First Age. After the Serpentine War and the extinction of almost all Anacondrai, the throne was left to Pythor, after a coup d'etat in the remaining tribes that had been previously released. Pythor was the first Snake King after the Serpentine were locked in their tombs, and after his supposed death, the Serpentines were under Garmadon's rule for a while until Skales betrayed him and became the new Serpent King, a title he still holds. It is a purely political title that has no physical changes to the Serpentine who achieves it, although Skales chose to wear a crown to confirm his position.

General The leaders of each Serpentine tribe, identified by the long tail replacing their legs and their possession of their tribe's Serpentine Staff. Usually the highest rank of Serpentine, with the "Snake King" title coming into play if a General wishes to unite the tribes as one.

Warrior Powerful fighters in the Serpentine ranks, generally less numerous than Soldiers or Scouts. Often appear similar to their corresponding General, but with legs instead of tails and slight color variations.

Soldier The regular fighters of the Serpentine forces, identifiable by having less elaborate heads than Warriors or Generals. They usually have two large, stout fangs protruding from their mouths.

Scout The lowest-ranking members of the Serpentine (not counting their Mini Snakes), Scouts presumably play a supporting role in combat, gathering information on targets and backing up their stronger allies in battle. They have "normal" humanoid heads, but with distinctly reptilian features such as scales, fangs, and slit-like pupils. Most have small hoods or armor plates on the backs of their heads.

serpentine Names[edit]

serpentine usually have names that is a pun on some thing snake related or there tribe but will adopt names from other races.

Male: Skales(any tribe), Acidicus(Venomari), Mezmo(Hypnobrai), Fangtom(Fangpyre), Choken(Constrictai), Arcturus(Anacondrai), Verman(Vermilion), Char(Pyro vipers), Spitta(Venomarai), Sattla(Hypnobrai), Fang-Suei(Fangpyre), Sytar(Constrictai)

Female: Selma(any tribe), Spitta(Venomarai), Sattla(Hypnobrai), Fang-Suei(Fangpyre), Bytar(Constrictai), Arcturai(Anacondrai), Machia(Vermilion), Aspheera(Pyro vipers)

serpentine Traits[edit]

The Serpentine are an ancient race of reptilian humanoids who were once the dominant species of the world.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 1.
Age. Serpentine are similar to normal snakes until they are 3 years old and mature at 28 and then they live until 100,000.
Alignment. Their alignments usually chaotic or lawful.
Size. Most tribes are the size of humans except for Constrictai which are usually 4 feet tall.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet and you have a burrowing speed of 20ft.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
sacred flute. when you here a flute you must make wisdom saving throw of 10 + there charisma modifier or be charmed by them and if you roll lower then 5 all your abilities are disabled until you take short/long rest if you succeed you will be immune to the affects for 24 hours.
bite. Your fanged maw is a natural weapon, which you can use to make unarmed strikes. If you hit with it, you deal piercing damage equal to 1d6 + your Strength modifier, instead of the bludgeoning damage normal for an unarmed strike
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, abyssal, and draconic.


Ability Score Increase. your Charisma score increases by 2
Hypnobrai Hypnotism. Through hypnosis, Hypnobrai can control their victims' minds and actions. Victims retain much of their personalities but twisted to serve the Hypnobrai's ends. Hypnosis victims develop red eyes with dark red spirals, somewhat resembling the eyes of a Hypnobrai Serpentine. Hypnotized victims can become sleeper agents, with the effects of the hypnosis in a dormant state. In this state, the Hypnobrai who hypnotized them can see through their eyes at will, and the Hypnobrai Staff's anti-venom cannot cure them. At any time, the Hypnobrai can "activate" the hypnosis within a sleeper agent, at which point they act like any other victim of the hypnosis. if you play a flute near a hypnotized victim the hypnosis will end and they cant be hypnotized by the same Hypnobrai for 24 hours. to avoid hypnotism the target must make a wisdom saving throw of 10 + your charisma modifier or be hypnotized and Hypnobrai are not immune to there own hypnotism and if they look into there own reflection while trying to hypnotize some one they must succeed there own wisdom saving throw or they will be controlled by the first person they see.


Ability Score Increase. there Dexterity increase by 2
Fangpyre bite. Fangpyre can secrete a light green venom from their fangs that can imbue snakelike features into anything it is injected into. The Fangpyre themselves have a unique reaction to their own venom; if a Fangpyre bites itself or is bitten by another Fangpyre, its head will separate into a pair of smaller heads with elongated necks giving them a advantage on perception rolls. Vehicles and inanimate objects bitten by the Fangpyre immediately transform into Serpentine Vehicles, gaining snake-like features and a biomechanical appearance. The state of the object prior to infection appears to be irrelevant, as the Fangpyre have been seen transforming scrapped vehicles and completely inanimate sculptures into fully functional vehicles and constructs.

The effects of a Fangpyre Bite on living organisms appear dependent on the victim's complexity; smaller creatures (such as flies) are transformed almost immediately, while larger, more complex organisms such as humans transform very gradually. The first signs of infection are usually a pair of small fangs and a forked tongue developing within the victim's mouth, along with a tendency to draw out S sounds into long hissing noises. As the transformation progresses, victims begin to develop scales on their skin, small tails, and a noticeable green tint all over their bodies (including their hair and clothing). the victim of the bite must make a con save of 10 + your constitution modifier or start gaining snake like features like fangs, tail, scales, and etc but on a successful save the victim do not get turned.
speed. your walking speed is now 35 feet and your burrowing speed is now 15 feet.


Ability Score Increase. your Constitution increases by 2
Venomari Venom. The Venomari Venom is the special ability of the Venomari tribe. It is a green liquid which they can spit at foes, causing them to hallucinate. The visions vary between victims but are said to embody their worst fears. In some media, the venom also has corrosive properties, eating through many materials. Victims of Venomari Venom typically gain lime green eyes while the venom is at work. the victim have to roll a int score of 10 + your charisma modifier or see there worse fears and be frightened which will last for 2 minutes. they can only spit 5 times per short rest you can contain your own venom in a jar to drink latter to regain your spit ability with out short rest.
immunity and resistance. you are immune to acid damage and are resistant to poison damage.
speed. you have a swimming speed of 35 but your burrowing speed gets decreased to 10 feet.


Ability Score Increase. your Strength increases by 1 and your Constitution increases by 1
grip. The Constrictai Grip is the special ability of the Constrictai Serpentine use to squeeze and choke their opponents. It gives the Constrictai the ability to strangle opponents with their hands or tails, leaving them breathless. when you use this a creature must make a strength saving throw of 10 + your strength modifier or be grappled and receive 1d8 damage and gain a level of exhaustion on a successful save they take half damage.
dig. your burrowing speed is now 40 and with this burrowing speed you can dig through stone because of this your walking speed is now 25 feet.


Ability Score Increase. a normal anacondrai have ability score increase of Strength and Intelligence 1 and the long necked version have a increase of Intelligence and Charisma 1.
invisibility. While turning invisible, the arms and tail disappeared first, then the rest of the body disappeared too. Markings, clothes, and weapons would stick around for a half-second and then disappear with the rest of the body. If the Anacondrai desired to do so, anything that they were holding could disappear also. When reappearing, the arms and tail would reappear first and then visibility would spread. when you using this ability you can not be seen this last as many minutes equal to your class level, when you use a action to reverse it, or when you drop to 0 hp and can only do it once per short rest.
scales of anacondrai. You have tough, scaly skin. When you aren't wearing armor, your AC is 13 + your Dexterity modifier. You can use your natural armor to determine your AC if the armor you wear would leave you with a lower AC. A shield's benefits apply as normal while you use your natural armor and you are immune to fire damage.
hungry jaws. Hungry Jaws. In battle, you can throw yourself into a vicious feeding frenzy. As a bonus action, you can make a special attack with your bite. If the attack hits, it deals its normal damage, and you gain temporary hit points (minimum of 1) equal to your Constitution modifier, and you can't use this trait again until you finish a short or long rest.
tail whip. you can attack with your tail giving enemies 1d8 piercing damage.


Ability Score Increase. your Dexterity increases by 2
possession. you have the ability to go inside and control any vehicle, mechanism and construct and when you reach level 10 twice per a short rest you can become a buffmillion which are vermillion that posses large vehicles, Armour, vehicles and constructs while a buffmillion you have +4 strength. iron doom when you reach level 20 once per a day you can posses huge objects you have +4 strength and your ac is + proficiency bonus + Dexterity modifier + Strength modifier.
reconstruction. If a Vermillion Warrior is damaged or dispersed the user can rebuild themselves by pulling the snakes that make up their bodies together to form their being. at level 3 It can also reform into a Buffmillion. you are proficient in every type of Armour.
hive mind. you can telepathically talk to snakes and other vermilion.
vermilion. due to being a bunch of snakes mixed into one humanoid you do not get a burrowing speed
deconstruction. if you reach 4 and bellow hit points, or use a action you can become a swarm of red/orange snakes but with the same amount of stats and health and abilities you can only use cantrips in this form if you have spells and anything you wearing or carrying fall off you.

pyro vipers[edit]

Ability Score Increase. your Intelligence increase by 2
fire absorption. they have the ability to absorb fire which you have to do for 5 minutes and get fire powers they now have produce flame cantrip but only when you are in this fire form. when a aggressive creature touches them while they are fired up the creature take take 1d4 fire damage. they will stay like this until some thing take your fire out like water. this ability only works once per a long rest. you are also immune to fire damage.
unarmored. when not wearing Armour your ac is + proficiency bonus + Intelligence modifier.
mummification. after you have died some one can pay 300 gp to mummify your body and put your body in fire or lava for 5 minutes and you will be brought back to life in fire mode you are technically dead. You count as an undead creature for all spells and abilities that affect the undead. You do not need to eat, sleep or breathe. You can't be put to sleep by magical means you also resistant to poison damage and have advantage on saving throws against being poisoned. since you are now only alive while in fire mode you will take 1d4 cold damage if you are in water.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

′ ″ + lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

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