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Sand Bomb
Level: Sandbender 5
Casting time: 1 round
Range: Medium (100 feet + 10 feet per technician level)
Effect: 1 timed, remote, explosive ball of sand
Duration: 1 round / technician level
Saving Throw: see text

Technique Points Required: 9

Forming your attuned sand into the shape of a ball, then super compressing it to a diameter of a half a foot, you create an extremely potent explosive. This ball, once formed, begins heating up due to the compression, and may be rolled along the ground or thrown or teleported. You may cause it to roll up to 25' in a round. The ball will not detonate until the duration expires or you force it to detonate.

Once detonated, the explosion deals 5d12 damage as well as blowing anyone within 5 feet of it straight up into the air 20 feet. Those greater than 5 feet away but less than 15 are blown away 10 feet taking falling damage (in this case 1d10). They also take the 5d12 damage unless they succeed a Reflex save to take half.

The explosion is large enough to destroy walls of stone 5 feet thick.

You may expend an additional 10 technique points at the time of the bomb's creation to increase the damage by 2d12, the radius thrown straight up by 5 feet, the height thrown by 5 feet, the radius blown back by 5 feet, and the feet of stone that may be destroyed by 1 foot. This may be done any number of times.

You may spend no more than twice your technician level in additional technique points on this technique.

Material Component: 2 cubic feet of Attuned Sand

Note: This spell isn't part of all Sandbender's Technique List, you can only learn this Technique if you have the Wielder of the Black Sand Class Feature.

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