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Staff, rarity by staff

A runestaff is a magical item that allows you to use your own energy to generate magical effects. By expending a spell slot, you can cast a spell of the same level or lower from the runestaff's list, as long as that spell also appears on your class' spell list.

Runestaff of... Rarity Spells
Fire Rare burning hands, fireball, wall of fire
Force Rare arcane sword, magic missile, wall of force
Forced happiness Rare irresistible dance, hideous laughter
Frost Rare cone of cold, ice storm, wall of ice
Healing Rare cure wounds, lesser restoration
Iron chef Rare create food and water, heroes' feast, purify food and drink
Life Rare heal, raise dead
Magebane Rare arcanist's magic aura, counterspell, detect magic, dispel magic
Power Very rare cone of cold, continual flame, fireball, globe of invulnerability, hold monster, levitate, lightning bolt, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement
Theft Rare disguise self, identify, invisibility, knock, spider climb
Time Rare expeditious retreat, haste, slow, time stop
Undeath Rare animate dead, create undead
Vision Rare darkvision, see invisibility, true seeing

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