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Rope Dart

Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Rope Dart 10 gp 1d6 piercing 2 lb. Finesse, reach, two-handed, special

A rope dart consists of a pointed weight affixed to a length of rope or chain. Requiring both hands (and indeed the entire body) to wield effectively, the weighted end can be thrown swiftly and forcefully to a surprising distance.

Special. This weapon adds 10 feet to your reach for the purposes of attacks and opportunity attacks, instead of the usual 5.

The rope dart is considered a monk weapon, as defined in the monk's Martial Arts class feature. Additionally, when wielding a rope dart, if a feature from the monk class would allow you to make an unarmed strike as a bonus action, you may instead make an attack with the rope dart at disadvantage.

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