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Cost: 50 gp
Weight: 1,600 lb. (unladen), 4,000 lb. (laden)

A barge is a simple flat-bottomed boat for hauling goods along canals and rivers. They are not self-propelled and need to be towed or pushed: by towboat; or by draft animal on an adjacent towpath.

At a steady walking speed a horse can move 10 times as much weight in a boat as it can with a cart on a road.

The barge has an AC of 13 and 65 hit points.

Horse-drawn Canal Barge (Source)


The following table is for use with the Vehicle Construction Kit.[1]

Slot Component
1 Wood structure (front)
2-5 Seating (2 poor seats for crew)
6-17 Cargo hold (2,400 lbs)
20 Wooden structure (rear)

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