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Rig's Symbol
Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A clenched fist
Home Plane: Elemental Plane of Earth
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: God of the Earth and Nature
Clergy Alignments: Any Alignment
Domains: Earth, Law, Strength, Plant
Favored Weapon: Mace

Rig is the God of the very earth and its plants. He is the creator of both the Dwarves and the Gnomes. Rig strives to see all creatures living according to their place in the world, and is bothered when things behave in what he sees as an unnatural way. He is rigorous and strict, but believes that all things should enjoy the world and it’s gifts whenever the opportunity arises. Aside from Dwarves and Gnomes many who make their living off the land and it’s treasures pay homage to Rig. Rig is depicted as a large male bearded warrior, who seems to be made of a mixture of earth and wood. He will often be shown holding a large mace is his right hand.


Rig is a God of order. He created the very plant life and controls much of the forces that slowly shape the world. His followers are expected to exemplify order and justice. The laws of nature and those that hold civilization together are more important then any one individual or group of individuals. His followers are expected to obey and enforce these laws for the betterment of the world and those within it. His chosen colors are Brown and Green.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Temples to Rig that are found in civilized areas are large stone structures (many are at least in part underground) that serve not only as places of worship, but also as courthouses and as bases for the local constabulary. Many times Clerics of Rig will serve as record keepers, and those responsible for important rituals or ceremonies. In the wilds many will build shrines to Rig and turn to him for favor and guidance when dealing with the laws of nature. In these places Rig is seen as a kind of protector and guide who helps keep his followers on the straight and narrow.

Holy Days[edit]

Rig keeps 1st Day as his Holy Day. Worshippers attend large formal services at midday in Temples devoted to the God. They are solemn events that involve the recitation of prayers followed by a deep meditative period.

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