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Popularity Percentage[edit]

As an adventurer goes about the world fighting evil and gaining wealth and gaining power, an adventurer also gains fame. To make fame measureable, the player character has a Popularity Percentage.

Popularity Percentage (P%) is the recognition percentage of a person’s name, style, image, and stories. A new player character under the level 5 has a zero %. With a 100%, the player characters have a 100% of recognizing and knowing.

100% is complete fame. It requires DM Bonuses to have a popularity percentage over 75% and it requires all maximum percentages to have a popularity of 100%.

Increased Levels

For every level after 5th to 30th add 1%; maximum total 25%

Paid Bard

For every traveling bard over 5th add 1% per year; maximum total 10% (1000 gp per level per year with a +/- 10d10)

State Honors

For every state-level honor of title, land, or awards add 5%; maximum total 15% (DM controlled awards from Emperors, Kings, Patriarchs, etc.)


For every permanent large stone/marble monument add 1%; maximum total 10% (1000-5000 gp per monument)

Founded Institutions

For every institution involving at least 10 people add 2%; maximum total 15% (2000 gp per institute per year with a +/- d20)

DM Bonuses

DMs a free to reward exceptional actions (especially public actions with mass impact); recommended add 5%; maximum total 25%

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