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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Any animal part (rabbit’s foot, wishbone, shark tooth, etc.)
Home Plane: Elemental Plane of Water
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: God of the Oceans and Luck
Clergy Alignments: Any Alignment
Domains: Water, Trickery, Luck, Animal
Favored Weapon: Dagger
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The mischievous God Ormet is known as the creator of both the Human and Halfling races, both races seem to innately mimic his carefree almost self-destructive behavior. Ormet loves games and gambling, but he is known as a bad loser and his temper can quickly range from jovial to furious in a matter of moments. Ormet is worshiped by nearly all Halflings, and Humans of all kinds often call upon him for aid. But with Humans the majority of his devote followers are among sailors, Rogues, and gamblers. Ormet is depicted as a young dark haired man not much taller then a Halfling. His dress can vary significantly depending on the aspect being portrayed, but his clothing is always blue and green. He always has a dagger and a pouch said to contain gambling tools, on his belt.


Ormet is a true lover of animals and nature, particularly the oceans. He expects his followers to show respect to both the wild kingdom and the forces of the sea. But while that may sound stern Ormet is far from that. He expects his followers to love life and enjoy it, he sees work as only a means to support leisure time, and his followers should do their best to get the most out of life. Also his personal love of games is shared by his followers who not only enjoy gambling but also in playing pranks on others. His chosen colors are Blue and Green.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Most temples to Ormet are also gambling houses, taverns, whorehouses and/or fronts for Thieve's Guilds. They offer Blessings and spells to any for a charge and are not above performing less then savory tasks if the price is right. Ormet's Church is very self-serving, and while overtly evil, they see no reason to help others for free.

Holy Days[edit]

Services to Ormet are held on 6th Day, and may be done at any Temple or Shrine. All Churches devoted to Ormet hold large party-like celebrations in his honor every 6th Day evening, all are invited even if they do not hold Ormet as their Patron Diety.

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