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One For All

Prerequisites: Strength 17 or higher, Constitution 14 or higher, level 7 or higher
Upon taking this feat, a stranger appears and gives you a strand of his hair. The man asks you to eat it, and once you choose to do so, the man explains you are the next spellcaster bestowed with One For All. The number of previous spellcasters is determined by rolling 1d10. Once per short rest, for five minutes, You gain the following benefits:

  • Increase your base walking speed by 10 times the number of previous spellcasters.
  • Increase your Strength by 2 times the number of previous spellcasters.
  • Increase your Dexterity by 2 times the number of previous spellcasters.
  • Increase your Constitution by 2 times the number of previous spellcasters.
  • If your Strength is below 17, or your Constitution is below 14, you will break a limb, and suffer +2 levels of exhaustion each time you make an attack roll, or Dexterity check using this ability.
  • Each time you make an unarmed attack, you create intense gale-force winds that are able to knock down objects, creatures and structures. Roll 1d20 to determine the intensity and range of the winds. All creatures affected by the winds must succeed a Dexterity saving throw; the DC for the save is equal to the intensity. Everyone who attains one for all needs to roll 1d2 to determine whether their power manifests in the form of a heavily muscular body, or in the form of electrical veins arcing across their body.

You can deactivate One for All whenever you want, and if you still have time leftover when you do, you can reactivate One for All without taking a short rest, but it will only last for that remaining time. It is also possible to give One for All to another person, by repeating what the previous user did for you, but it can only be done if both parties are willing, moreover, once you relinquish One for All, it cannot be returned, and you will only be use One for All for a total of three more hours, and 2 of your damage dies are removed while using it. You can spend your remaining time of being able to use One for All in increments of 1 minute to increase the power of your attacks for 2d10 for each minute spent, however, the boost will only last until your next successful unarmed strike. If you use more than three minutes this way, the limb you use to attack with will break and you’ll gain +3 levels of exhaustion. This power can only be used a number of times equal to up to 1/4 of your character level per short rest.

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