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One For All

Prerequisites: Strength 17 or higher, Constitution 14 or higher, level 7 or higher
You gain the selfless power of a hero. As a bonus action, you gain the following bonus:

  • Your unarmed damage increases by 1 die tier. On a hit, you must succeed a DC 8+your attack modifier+your Proficiency bonus. On a success, you take half of the damage you dealt. On a failure, you take full damage.
  • You can make your unarmed attacks create pressure waves, thus making them ranged (30/60) attacks and deal thunder damage. The above still applies, but your unarmed die does not increase when attacking in this manner.
  • When making a long or high jump, your Strength score is doubled. You must succeed a DC 8+your attack modifier+your Proficiency bonus. On a failure, you take damage equal to 1/2 the number of feet crossed. On a success, you take 1/4.

You can rid yourself of these bonuses as an action.

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