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Multitasker [General]

You are adept at using your skills for a myriad of tasks
Prerequisite: Two skills with 4 skill ranks
Benefit: When you gain this feat, select two skills that use the same ability modifier and that you have at least 4 skill ranks in. You can make a single skill check to perform actions with both skills at once. The skill check modifier uses skill ranks equal to the lower of the two skills' ranks. If the two skills have synergy, you gain the synergy bonus. Other bonuses only apply to the skill check if both skills could benefit from it. The duration of the combined action is longer of the two. If either skill would normally count as a success the DC of the skill check is equal to the lower of the two tasks - 2. If both skills would normally have to be passed for a success, the DC is the greater of the two + 2.

A multitasker character selects Spot and Listen ("Perception"). She has 6 ranks in Spot and 4 ranks in Listen. She can make a skill check of 1d20 + 4 (ranks) + wisdom modifier to simultaneously try to hear the words and read the lips of someone whispering 30' away: the DC would be 13 (the lesser of 18 and 15 respectively, -2). This is no action if being made reactively, and a move action otherwise.

A character selects Tumble and Balance ("Acrobatics"). She has 8 ranks in both. She could make a single skill check to tumble past enemies (at half speed) whilst on a 6-inch wide surface, with skill modifier of 8 (ranks) + 2 (synergy) + Dexterity modifier. The DC would be 17 (15 and 15 respectively, +2), and takes a move action.

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