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Wondrous Item, artifact (The Monolith is attuned 10 + 1d6 hours after it was last activated.)

The Monolith is an ancient artifact with the power to transport the user to the alien world known as Maveth. When it is correctly attuned, it melts, going from filling a 5*5 ft. space to melting into a 15*15 ft. space. When it melts, anyone in its melted area or adjacent to it is pulled into Maveth. Maveth is virtually impossible to escape, as not only are the locations of the return portals completely random, but it is also the residence of Hive. The only way to escape is for someone to use a Wish Spell to bring them back or for the Dungeon Master to set a campaign on Maveth.
Destroying the Monolith. The Monolith may be destroyed by any attack that deals more than 20 force damage to it (when attacking it, it has an AC of 14 and is immune to all damage types except for force).

The Monolith

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