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Maveth is one of the major Kree moons. Far, far away from Earth, it is a world of storms and evil, yet nature is only the least of an adventurer's problems, should they find themselves trapped here. It is the home of Hive, and all who find themselves on this strange world are soon slaughtered by him. Widely considered to be one of the most dangerous places in the known universe, few would dare traverse its deadly surface voluntarily.


Maveth, a world shrouded in darkness by greater worlds. Source

Maveth is a dark place, as the configuration of its main planet and other Kree moons block the sun most of the time. Every eighteen years, this configuration is broken, and the sun shines on Maveth for about 1d10+1 minutes, after which the sun is eclipsed once again. Because of this anomaly, Maveth keeps itself relatively warm using its own core. While without sun, the visibility is reduced to dim light. Maveth was once a beautiful world, home to great and powerful beings. However, soon after the arrival of Hive, these beings fell into civil war and destroyed each other, and Hive turned Maveth into a desolate wasteland. Despite its harsh nature, there is life on Maveth. Pools of water dot the land, home to unusual creatures.


And, of course, there is Hive himself. Hive is willing to do anything in order to return to Earth, at which point he would raise an army of Inhumans and rule the world. He requires human flesh to live, and can somehow manipulate Maveth's surface to his advantage. He can cause storms whenever he is hunting. These storms result in almost complete darkness, and it is nearly impossible to see anything.


To enter Maveth, you must either have a very advanced spaceship or the Monolith. As most of us don't have spaceships, it is assumed that you arrived on Maveth using the Monolith. Where you end up is seemingly random, though the locations of future portals can be determined using highly advanced equipment. To go from Earth to Maveth, you must wait for the Monolith to activate (see the Monolith page to find out how the Monolith activates). When it does, you are spit out in a random location determined by the chart below. The distance between you and another location is determined by the DM, and it is possible to move from one to the next, unless Hive tries to stop you.

d8 Location
1-4 Desert
5-6 No-Fly Zone
7 Alien City
8 Will's Camp


The desert is exactly that: a desert. There isn't anything very special, and for the most part, it's rather quiet. While you are here, you may encounter Hive at the DM's discretion, but he does not move past his boundaries very often unless it is to hunt.


There are occasional pools of water, but some are poisonous or hold hostile creatures. Use the table below to determine what hazards certain pools hold.

d4 Hazard
1 None
2 None
3 Creature
4 Contamination

None. The water is harmless. Drink as much as you like.

Creature. Every round a player is in the pool, the creature deals 1d8 force damage to all players in the pool and pulls them underwater. The players can only survive up to 1d4+10 rounds underwater before losing consciousness. After an additional 1d4+6 rounds, those players die. The creature will release the players whenever they hit it with a weapon, and will not attack them again until the next day (yes, I know there are no "days" on Maveth; I mean days on Earth. Quit being so snarky.). The creature acts as if it has an AC of 13.

Contamination. The water is unsafe to drink. Whenever you drink some of the water, you must succeed on a DC 11 Constitution saving throw or take 2d4 poison damage. The DC increases by 1 for every consecutive round you drink some of the water.


When you arrive, there may be some notable features. Canyons, mountains, and cliffs are everywhere on Maveth. Use the table below to find out what features you are near.

d20 Feature
1-7 Rocky Terrain
8-11 Canyon
12-15 Mountain
16-19 Cliff/Mesa
20 HYDRA Altar

Rocky Terrain. The terrain is rocky and littered with boulders, but other than that, it's mostly flat and level.

Canyon. The canyon is wide and steep, usually too large to cross. It is about 5*(2d10)+10 ft. across and 5*(2d10)+5 ft. deep; whether you are at the bottom or at the edge is determined by the DM. Climbing up or down requires succeeding on a DC 10+(depth/10) (rounded down) Athletics check.

Mountain. Basically just a mountain. How it works and what it's like is determined by the DM.

Cliff/Mesa. The cliff or mesa is typically very high, reaching about 5*(2d10)+10 ft. into the air. Like the Canyon, climbing it requires succeeding on a DC 10+(depth/10) (rounded down) ft.

HYDRA Altar. A giant sculpture of HYDRA's symbol, built to honor the mighty Hive.

No-Fly Zone[edit]

The No-Fly Zone is the same as the desert; the features and dangers are determined the same way, and it behaves like the desert in much of the same ways, except for one big difference: this is the home of Hive. An encounter with Hive is certain, and while he is hunting you, the storms are constant. There is little refuge from him in his territory.

Alien City[edit]

The remains of one of the nine alien cities, [Source].

There are nine alien cities on Maveth. They used to be home to powerful beings, but they quickly slaughtered each other at the arrival of Hive. While they don't contain many resources, they provide adequate shelter and contain pools of clean water.

Will's Camp[edit]

In the desert, there is a small porthole in the ground. Enter, and you will find a well-stocked camp filled with plenty of food and water, along with beds and research equipment. There is even a cage inside of it, in case any residents somehow manage to capture Hive or another beast. Anyone inside the cage must succeed on a DC 18 Strength saving throw to destroy it.

Research Equipment[edit]

The research equipment inside the camp can prove extremely useful for anyone trying to escape Maveth. There is enough power in it to use it once. When you do, roll 1d4 to see what information you receive.

d4 Results
1 Nothing
2 Time Until Sunrise
3 Next Portal Location
4 Time Until Sunrise and Next Portal Location

Nothing. The machine does not have the processing power to determine any new data.

Time Until Sunrise. The machine tells you the exact number of minutes before the next time the sun is visible. This quantity is determined by the DM. and must be less than 9,460,800 minutes (exactly eighteen years).

Next Portal Location. The machine tells you the time and location of the next portal back to Earth within three miles of camp. This is also determined by the DM. The time must be less than 7,320 minutes (about four months).

Time Until Sunrise and Next Portal Location. The machine tells you the exact number of minutes before the next time the sun is visible and also the time and location of the next portal back to Earth within three miles of camp. These values are determined by the DM. The time until the next sunrise must be less than 9,460,800 minutes (exactly eighteen years), and the time before the next portal opens must be less than 7,320 minutes (about four months).

The machine can be reused at the DM's discretion, either by using magic to activate it, some kind of lightning attack, or by crafting some kind of power device.

Escaping Maveth[edit]

Maveth can be escaped by using the return portal from the Monolith. A return portal's location is determined by the DM. The players can know the return portal's location by either using the equipment above or through coordination on Earth, scheduling a departure time and place.

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