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Greater Deity
Symbol: A Fist Thrust in the air, either empty or holding shattered chains
Home Plane: Tway'Remsnin
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Change, Connection, Recovering what has been lost, Liberating those enslaved, Revolt, Combat, Burning things for no reason, Fateful Poetry, and travel
Clergy Alignments: No Restrictions on alignment, as Miflorg is very laid back, just likes to keep the world spinnin'
Domains: War, Fire, Healing, Liberation, Community, Travel
Favored Weapon: Sickle, Scythe, Rapier, Bastard Sword, Waraxe

Miflorg aided those that created the planes of existence and brought all into being. Miflorg appears as a human, 6' 7" tall, short curly black hair, and sunglasses. Yes, sunglasses. He has taken the titles of The King of Luft and He-Who-Walks-Alone. The Luft title spurring from an old language, Luft meaning freedom. He-Who-Walks-Alone is a nickname given to him by his Clerics when Miflorg liberated his followers from the control of Gruumsh One-Eye without the aid of any other gods. Miflorg does not enjoy seeing things rest as one stagnant thing for too long. He gave the revolutionaries the sickle as a symbol of revolt and encourages his followers to bring about change if they are unhappy with their lives.

While Miflorg hails from his home plane Tway'Remsnin, he hardly ever stays there for too long. Miflorg often grows bored when things become too predictable. So instead of staying in his home plane where he would have complete control of events and know everything he would change ahead of time, Miflorg instead travels around all the planes of existance wanting to experience new sights, new sounds, meet new people, and most of all not always knowing what to expect as he travels other realms. This personal freedom to be able do what he loves doing is what drives Miflorg to travel the planes and free any slaves he encounters along the way, often gaining new followers for his aid. He encourages his followers to bring about changes in their life or in their country so they may live their lives free to do the things they "want" to do as opposed to the things they "have" to do.


Miflorg encourages his followers to be very laid back and enjoy life in times of peace. Often times you can find a large gathering of his clerics all in a sunny pasture, just laying down and enjoying it. If anything, Miflorg has been called the hippie of the gods many a time. Though he appears peaceful, Miflorg encourages revolt and uprising, particularly in Monarchies and Dictatorships. He likes to see people go Che Guevara on a kingdom in his name. Freedom is something that he aspires to bring to all people. Whether it be in subtle ways, twisting fate, or by sticking his hand down onto the material plane and unlocking a slaves chains. Either way the fat guy in the fancy robes finally loses.

Clergy & Temples[edit]

Miflorg's clergy/acolytes are all nearly as relaxed as he himself is. Wearing red robes with orange accents, the clergy embody his flaming revolutionary spirit. Almost always you can find a cleric of Miflorg carrying a sickle. The clerics can also be found napping on the sides of the road or just staring aimlessly in deep thought or drug use. Though when called into action, the clerics of Miflorg are a fierce bunch. With domains of War and Fire, the attacking clerics can smite the enemies into a pile of ash. With healing and liberation, the more peaceful clerics are some of the most sought after healers in the world, healing both physical and mental wounds. They can also be welcome traveling companions with Community, as worshipers of Miflorg tend to know how get along with and communicate with many races and creeds. Due to the negative reputation of being a worshipper of Miflorg, many subjects Travel from place to place not staying in one particular area for too long. Sometimes it's simple wonderlust but more often than not they are shown to be unwelcome in certain areas, especially those run by tyrannical regimes. These subjects have developed ways to get past restricted areas, making them great infiltrators as well as traveling companions. With Miflorg being of Chaotic Neutral alignment, the clerics have a choice between turning and rebuking as they do with healing and inflicting. A fierce bunch indeed.

Miflorg's temples, even though he is a greater God that aided in the creation of reality, Miflorg's temples are banned from most cities. This is because Miflorg of course, calls for revolution and peaceful anarchy. The notions given by Miflorg would disrupt and destroy the control the governments work hard to maintain. These temples though, are commonplace along country roads and in, well, essentially any non-city area. Any traveler may stop, get a bite and a place to sleep for a night or two. The acolyte clerics and clergy are all welcoming to anyone that passes, anyone that is, that doesn't try to meddle in their affairs. Those people usually return home in a stylish burlap satchel.

Monasteries devoted to the worship of Miflorg are just as common as the temples in certain countries. Acolyte monks train to bring about Miflorg's desires whether that be the destruction of an oppressive kingdom, the freeing of captives in a far away land, or even the take-down of a trading company (because why not). The monks take no vows of chastity or abstinence. The monasteries have no leadership, rather it is a cooperative anarchy where everyone has freedom to do what they desire as long as it follows Miflorg's doctrine. On their free time, the monks can be found writing poetry, talking philosophy, or smoking any drug they can get there hands on. They are renown around the world for their efficiency and effectiveness in rescue missions but often spell trouble if they are asked to perform a task for even the most benevolent of sovereigns.

Any race may worship the mighty Miflorg, he's not racist, he hates everybody equally!

Groups, Gangs, & Religious Sects[edit]

While the teachings of Miflorg often have followers stray from most organizations, some of Miflorg’s followers have created their own groups, gangs or religious sects to help spread his teachings or enforce his doctrine. A follower of Miflorg has no obligation to join or follow any group, gang, or religious sect just by religious association. As a follower of the Mighty Miflorg you are in charge of your own destiny.

Order Of The Rising Fist: The order of The Rising fist is a traveling faction of warriors who use their fighting prowess and magic to over throw tyrannical regimes and free the populace. These members fight for the wellbeing of the impoverished and enslaved. They believe everyone should be free and do everything within their power to make that a reality. While the majority of Miflorg’s followers aren’t lawful in nature, the goal of the Rising Fist is a noble enough cause that paladins even join for the betterment of the realm. When Rising Fists free the populace or make it livable, they are often heralded as heroes. Before leaving to search for the next place in need, the Rising Fists train several of the freed citizens to defend themselves and their community so they may keep each other safe from any who wish to try and enslave them again once the order leaves. Subjects who join The Order of the Rising Fist tend to lean towards the more good alignments. These members can be identified by their religious symbol emblazoned on their shields or armor of a fist raised into the air.

Broken Chains: This group consists of freed slaves or commoners from dictators and overlords. To show gratitude for their freedom they have pledged their faith to Miflorg and take up the teachings of his doctrine as their own. The goal of these members is to keep their community safe from those that wish to harm or enslave them once again. These subjects know the hardships of being oppressed or living as a slave and will do everything in their power to keep them and their families from falling under that power once again. Even though these followers will live and die for their home, they show no obligation to go out of their way to free other communities from oppression. The Broken Chains tend to lean toward more neutral alignments. These members can be identified by their religious symbol of a fist with broken chains clenched in its palm, usually painted on armor or stitched on clothing.

Riotous Rascals: These swashbuckling ne’er-do-wells enjoy the act of sabotaging the machinations of a dictator’s rule. Whether that be stealing money from the rich and giving it to the poor or inciting riots and creating civil unrest. They relish in undermining and publicly humiliating aristocrats and government officials so the general public gain less of a fear for authorities and incite revolution. Riotous Rascals don’t tend to have the means to overthrow the tyrannical regimes by themselves, so they incite the public to fight for the rights they feel they deserve. Their end all goal isn’t to be the ones to over throw the powers that be but to be a constant thorn in their side. Riotous Rascals tend to be more effective in taking down government systems than slave owning overlords. Riotous Rascals tend to have more chaotic alignments. These members can be identified by their calling card which has a religious symbol of a fist hitting the ground with broken chains clenched in its palm.

Red Sickle Gang: The more sadistic members of Miflorg’s clergy are the Red Sickle Gang and they are one of the main reasons why worshipers of Miflorg are unwelcome in so many areas. This group consists of psychopaths and other beings who were rejected or just couldn’t fit in with society that believe complete anarchy is the only way people should live and anybody telling you how you should live your life should be removed from power in anyway necessary. This band of cutthroats are less concerned with the safety and wellbeing of the citizens or slaves, and instead get off on punishing folks they deem to be dictators and tyrants. They revel in destroying government buildings, vandalizing monuments and publicly executing those they believe to be wrongdoers and leaving their corpses to be seen as an example. Some branches of the gang have been known to try and overthrow even the most benevolent of governments, seeing any government or form of bureaucracy as an obstacle in the way of complete and total anarchy. The members of the Red Sickle Gang tend to be chaotic evil in alignment. These members can be identified by their religious symbol of a fist raised in the air holding a sickle painted red on their armor or tattooed on their body.

Invokers Of The Commonwealth: These members of the clergy inspire ideas for freedom and an equalized community in the public. These followers of Miflorg work to better the lives of those under a tyrannical regime or misguided government who mistreat the lives of the less fortunate and oppressed through peaceful protest and inspiring the public to introduce new laws to end such unfair rule. These members occasionally create a false identity for themselves to infiltrate or recruit likeminded individuals who work inside the regime to help change it from the inside by changing the public perception of the ruling class. Focusing on Miflorg’s teachings to bring peace and enjoy life, Invokers of the Commonwealth recognize that citizens living in a benevolent government can have just as good of a life as those living in peaceful anarchy. When peaceful measures prove to be not effective the Invokers of the Commonwealth work together with Riotous Rascals and the Order of the rising Fist to overthrow dictators and overlords. These members don’t often go rushing into battle against the ruling class, they instead prefer to work in the shadows gathering information as spies, eliminating key targets from the shadows, provide safe houses, and supplying anyone willing to stand up for the rights of the people with weapons, armor, and other supplies anyway they can. While the core members of the clergy are chaotic good in nature, they have recruited other members outside the clergy with lawful alignments to join their cause. These members often act out in secret so they do not wear or carry anything that can identify them as a worshiper of Miflorg, they instead use a form of thieves’ cant to communicate to each other and identify themselves as members of the clergy’s resistance.

The Vagrant Souls: These members of the Clergy never settle down in one place for too long and instead travel from place to place meeting new people, seeing exotic or unfamiliar sights and experiencing other cultures along the way. Many of these individuals simply travel because of wanderlust, but a lot of times these members of the clergy have been ousted or barred entry to certain civilizations due to the negative stigma associated toward worshippers of Miflorg. These travelers have developed methods to get into restricted areas so they may find a place to rest or explore areas that catch their curiosity. While the Vagrant Souls do not stay in one place to set up permanent residence, they do however set up secret stash houses and safe havens to resupply and provide temporary places to rest for themselves and other traveling clergy members. These hidden areas are out of the way and made to look inconspicuous. The only thing making these secret areas stand out is a symbol of a closed fist either engraved or painted on the entrance. Most of these members of the clergy tend to lean toward neutral alignments. These members of the clergy can be identified by their holy symbol of a closed fist holding either a branch with leaves or berries, strands of wheat, flowers, or any form of crops or plant life native to the regional area they come from, these symbols are usually stitched onto their traveling bags.

Items & Armory[edit]

Due to the clergy’s often unwelcome reputation in some cities or towns, Miflorg’s followers may have trouble buying certain items(especially in bulk) from the town or city shops. Alchemists, artificers, blacksmiths and anyone who can craft weapons, armor, and magical items are a great boon to the followers of Miflorg’s agenda, making sure the clergy is well armed in the face of those who go against Miflorg’s doctrine. Some of the more devout weaponsmiths have created special weapons called the Weapons of Luft, to emulate Miflorg, The King of Luft’s fiery rebellious fury.

The Weapons of Luft such as the Sickle of Luft, the Rapier of Luft, the Scythe of Luft, and the Bastard Sword of Luft are enhanced versions of the weapons favored by Miflorg. Only those that have proven themselves worthy to high ranked acolytes by completeing several great deeds may be given a Weapon of Luft of their choosing. Any follower may have other blacksmiths craft these weapons for them by paying the market price, but only by successfully completeing these tasks may they recieve the weapon from the clergy for free.

The very few followers who gain Miflorg's personal respect by doing a truly remarkable act receive a visit from Miflorg himself to bestow onto them a pair of his own Celestial Sunglasses.

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