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Miflorg's Celestial Sunglasses: A pair of glasses with black lenses in the frames. When held up to light, the lenses give off reddish highlights. Only worshippers of Miflorg can receive a pair of celestial sunglasses.

Miflorg's Celestial Sunglasses

Only the very few worshipers, who gain Miflorg's personal respect, ever receive their own pair of celestial sunglasses from the King of Luft. So it is in this case that only the truly remarkable of his followers receive a visit from Miflorg himself to bestow onto them a pair of his own celestial sunglasses. Miflorg shall whisk the follower worthy of this item to him to any plane he is currently traveling. There Miflorg will commend his follower for gaining his personal respect, take off his own Pair of celestial sunglasses and hand them to his follower, showing the subject only a brief glimpse into the deity's burning red pupils before another pair of celestial sunglasses magically materialize onto his face once again a few seconds later. The subject is then returned to his previous position in the respective plane he was currently traveling in.

Miflorg's Celestial Sunglasses

These Celestial Sunglasses give the wearer immunity to blindness, being dazzled, fear effects and are unaffected by all gaze and visual based spells and abilities, such as gaze attacks and frightful presence,etc. The wearer also gains the magical effects of a continuous freedom of movement spell and true seeing. These glasses also have the uncanny ability to emerge from your pocket or bag unscathed and brand new as a swift action, even if the sunglasses were taken or destroyed. Pulling these renewed pair of sunglasses out of your person causes the previous pair to disappear as if they were never there in the first place.

If any creature other than the owner of the celestial sunglasses tries to wear them, that creature receives 1d4 intelligence damage and an additional 1d4 intelligence damage for every 10 minutes after. This intelligence damage is regained after 8 hours of sleep.

Any attempt by the player to sell these celestial sunglasses causes the player to fall and the celestial sunglasses dissapear. The player can atone to regain access to their spellcasting class, but the celestial sunglasses do not return.

It is unclear how to destroy these sunglasses. They appear to be just as fragile as any pair of regular glasses. If they happen to be damaged, destroyed or separated from the player in anyway the player can pull a brand new pair out of his pocket or bag while the remains of the previous pair disappear as if they were never taken or destroyed in the first place. This often confuses foes, especially if the foe took them and was holding the sunglasses a second ago, only to be empty handed a second later.
Strong All Schools; CL 16; Weight: --

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