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Mattawa (Pandlechron Supplement)

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Population 19614 (Large City)

Race Population Percentage
Human 10%
Lizardfolk slaves 85%
Other 5%


Industries (8)

Demands (4)


GP Limit 29730 GP (this applies to all basic services)

Mattawa is considered a minor town in the grand scheme of Sapparizan because it is completely about production. There are hundreds of mines around the area that are run by lizardfolk slaves.

Slave Yards

The slave yards is where lizardfolk are bought and sold. Blackscale lizardfolk are often sold as heavy laborers, and poison dusk lizardfolk are often sold as tunnel scouts in the mines.

Onyx Mines

There are several large Onyx mines in Mattawa. Though the imperial armies strictly restrict the sales of Onyx gemstones, there are many people who believe that the gems are being sold on the black market to necromancers. It is even suggested that one of the mines is owned by a lich known as the Blight Lord. These mines are heavily guarded and trespassers generally do not come back alive.

Diamond Mines

The diamond mines of Mattawa are one of the primary suppliers for resurrection spells in Renar. Many different organizations including several churches and guilds own mines here.


Cult of Vecna

In a town with such a large supply of Onyx, Vecna's eye is bound to be fixed on the opportunities the town presents. His followers have, in fact, illegal began digging their own diamond mine. It is hidden in the foothills and guarded by a family of manticores. The Duri Necromancer, Blood Skull, convinced the manticores to stay as guards after he killed their alpha leader and turned him into a zombie.

Notable NPCs[edit]

Adventure Hooks[edit]

Adventure hooks are divided into three categories: working with an organization (lawful), working with an individual or on one's own accord (neutral), and working against local organized powers (chaotic).

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