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Cult of Vecna[edit]

The Cult of Vecna is a fanatical religious group that wants to bring back power to Vecna.


The Cult of Vecna has a very strict hierarchy that organizes rank of members. Members can earn rank through control of more undead as well as through their servitude to Vecna. Members that outrank another member can ask a member one rank lower once per year to perform a task for them. They can ask members two ranks lower to perform two tasks a year and so on.

Rank Info
10th Carpi New members are part of the 10th Carpi. Each Carpi rank is one step closer to becoming a full member of the cult.
9th Carpi
8th Carpi
7th Carpi
6th Carpi In order to progress to 5th Carpi, the member must provide at least two undead for the cult.
5th Carpi
4th Carpi
3rd Carpi
2nd Carpi 2nd Carpi members receive a +2 Cult of Vecna Amulet (counts as a +2 Periapt of Wisdom, disintegrates if it leaves contact)
1st Carpi In order to progress past the Carpi level of membership and into full membership, the member must perform a set of trials.
Ulnar, 3rd degree Ulnars are regular members of the cult. It can take years or exceptional service to rise in Ulnar rank.
Ulnar, 2nd degree
Ulnar, 1st degree In order to become a Duri member, the member must perform a sacred rite where they lose one of their eyes. They must have displayed a strong sense of leadership beforehand to be selected, however. They take a -2 penalty to spot checks and a -1 penalty to attack rolls and reflex saves. They gain a permanent arcane sight and 1 bonus necromancy spell slot (it can be used for any level of spell and can be changed each day).
Duri Duri necromancers lead groups of cult members.
Blance Blance necromancers usually advise several Duri. Blance are often involved in their own special agendas and often research immortality through lichdom.
Crani Crani necromancers are responsible for land areas and all the cults of Vecna therein. Some Crani actually rule these land areas, where others try to manipulate local government so that they have more political sway. In order to become an Occulo, a Crani must lose his left hand. This imposes a -4 penalty to all skills that would require two hands, and the member may only wear one magic ring, wield one handed weapons, etc. The magical powers of Vecna grants the member the ability to cast all spells without any somatic components.
Occulo There are 55 Occulo in the cult. They travel worldwide and visit various groupings of their cult. They also lead major initiatives and lead battles when they happen. Half of their time is spent in the city of the undead: Ethuli. In the city, they research history of their religion as well as perform religious rites.
Necromi The Necromi is the leader of the Cult of Vecna. It is said he can speak to Vecna directly and his word dictates the interpretation of the Libris Immortis, the holy book of the cult. Though the Necromi may be an immortal lich, the Cult believes in servitude granting true non-mortal bound immortality, and as such a Necromi may only be a leader for 50 years. After that they are sent to to the Immortal Realms and the Occulo vote one of their members to become the new Necromi.

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