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Master Battlecaster [General]

You have mastered the ability to combine magic and war-skill on the battlefield.


Combat Casting, Base attack bonus +6, Concentration 8 ranks, Ability to cast second level spells


During a full attack action, you may sacrifice a single attack of your highest attack bonus in order to cast a spell with a casting time of one standard action or less. Casting a spell in combat in this manner is difficult and requires a Concentration check (DC 20 + spell level) to do successfully. Casting a spell while threatened by an opponent still triggers an Attack of Opportunity, which may be avoided by casting defensively.


You have two attacks, one at +10 and a second at +5, you may sacrifice the +10 attack to cast a spell in combat, and still make an attack at +5.

Author: Jason D. Kemp © Jason D. Kemp 2005   This feat is from the NBoF, please see NBoF Credits.
NBoF Balance Rating (0 to 5 Scale)
Overall Purp Pow Port Comp Rule
3.80 4.20 4.40 3.80 3.20 3.40

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