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Magic in Evarras is categorized into 3 types, or sources of magic. These types are the Art, the Blessing, and the Gift. Each one has different properties, and is viewed differently in society.

The Art[edit]

The Art roughly aligns with Arcane magic, although a few things differ. Users of the Art learn their magic through study and nothing more, with no natural tendency towards magic. Artificers, Bards, Eldritch Knights, Arcane Tricksters, and Wizards are the most common users of the Art.

The Blessing[edit]

The Blessing is magic that stems from higher powers, and aligns somewhat with Divine magic. Users of the Blessing achieve power indirectly through a powerful creature or ancient force. Clerics, Paladins, and Warlocks all channel the Blessing in some form or another.

The Gift[edit]

The Gift is a natural tendency or proficiency with mystical forces. Users of the Gift, or rather conduits of the Gift manifest their power in very unique ways, and are often less predictable than a user of either type of magic. The Gift can either be a natural ability to use magic, or just an unusual sensitivity to mystical energy. Druids, Monks, Mystics, Rangers, and Sorcerers are all classic examples of users of the Gift. In addition, any creature with "Innate Spellcasting" or "Psionics" uses the Gift.


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