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Creating Content[edit]

If you want to add new content to the Evarras setting, first look through the other Evarras pages. There might be something similar, in which case you may just want to make a modification. That is completely fine, even if the Evarras pages end up with a lot of unnecessary content. Everyone's ideas should be recognized. The more important thing to look for is anything that might directly contradict whatever you are adding. For example, you shouldn't add another continent, because the planet is very thoroughly explored, and people have only ever found five continents. If you have an idea that goes against something in this setting, consider making an alternate setting.

Modifying Content[edit]

If an idea is too different in terms of mechanics to be identical to another part of Evarras but too similar to be entirely different, consider making a variant. The main thing to consider when making a variant is still that it doesn't go against a pre-existing element of the world. Other than that, the only restrictions are naming. Be clear what you are making is a variant. For example, If you want to change an aspect of the Hairline Sabre, name it Hairline Sabre, Variant. If you want to make another, just replace "Variant" with "Variant 2".


If you aren't sure if something fits the world, or you want to be clear what you want to create or change, then make a suggestion down below.

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