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Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Macuahuitl 29 gp 1d8 slashing 9 lb. Versatile (1d10)

A macuahuitl is a wooden sword with jagged obsidian chips embedded in both sides to act as blades. The spacing of the chips differs, but were most often close together and would produce a sharpness unseen in many metal swords. Unfortunately, the primitive making of the blade would result in the chips breaking off occasionally (at DM discretion). It would most often have carvings along the wooden part of the weapon, indicating stories of the family who owned the weapon, rituals, a deity, or indimidating designs. The weapon would often have two different variations, one for combat, and one for ritual use, which would usually have more neatly aligned obsidian chips and neater carvings. It was reputed that when wielded properly, one could decapitate a horse with one swing using a macuahuitl.

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