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Cost: 10 gp per 100 square feet or 15,000 gp for a small house
Speed: 250 feet
Carrying Capacity: A Machina can carry as many or as few people as the DM sees fit, having designed the layout. A sentient Machina an only be piloted by the intelligent creature it has bonded with or any other creatures the bonded creature allows. The control room of a Machina is always in a location with a good view of the surrounding area, like the top of a tower or in a room with many windows.

Upon sensing the approaching horde, a temple uproots itself and charges directly into the sea of undead. A traveling wizard's tower appears on the outskirts of town in the night and disappears after he finishes his drink at the tavern.

A typical Machina Aedificium appears to be a building with four large legs protruding from a small base beneath the house's foundation. The appearance of the building, and the number and structure of the legs can vary, but it is made of metals, crystals, and other materials. At the DM's discretion, the house can be enchanted beyond the legs, with invisible servants cleaning up after the players when their backs are turned, or rooms which are bigger on the inside, or should not exist, like a basement, or a door which leads to a different plane. In some rare cases, these machines have been known to develop sentience (at the DM's discretion, of course). The extent of this sentience is determined by the DM.

A Machina can be used for anything a normal building could. Many use machinas as stores or mobile headquarters. A Machina counts as a location or stationary area for spells, and a demiplane, due to the layered enchantments animating it.

Heracletus's Tower[edit]

Heracletus's Tower is an example of a machina aedificium. It is quite slow, but can walk indefinitely day and night with pilots taking shifts, stepping over terrain or small buildings in the way.

The total cost of Heracletus's Tower is 282,500 gp (very rare). The cost of individual components is shown in the table below.

Size: Gargantuan
AC: 17
Hit Points: 700 (damage threshold 20)
Crew and Passengers: 23 crew, 3 passengers

Ability scores

Strength 21 (+5), Dexterity 7 (-1), Constitution 22 (+6)

  • The upper quarters holds: 2 wealthy cabins, 2 comfortable cabins, 2 modest cabins
  • The middle quarters holds: alchemy workshop, masonry workshop, tinkering workshop, 3 chanceries, 5 cages for Medium creatures, saloon (for 15 people)
  • The lower quarters holds: 20 poor cabins, smith's workshop, library (for 10 people)
  • The disintegration ray has 60 charges, and recovers 30 charges daily at dawn. It has the following improvements: Accuracy (4 Improvements), Extended range (9 Improvements).
  • Total storage capacity is 60 tons.

The tower can function with a single driver.

A typical crew consists of 12 workspace crew, 4 artisans, 4 apprentices and 4 drivers.

Magic Augmentations[edit]

Magic lanterns (slot 7) [5,000 gp]

The tower has external fixtures that emit bright light up to 120 feet, and dim light for the same distance.

Furthermore each internal area has a magic lantern that can be activated or deactivated with a wall switch.

Piloting Maneuvers[edit]

If you are at a helm control station, you can use your action to take one or two of the following piloting maneuvers. Each maneuver can only be taken once per round.


The tower moves 15 feet forwards.


The tower makes up to 4 rotations of 45-degrees.

Activate Magic Lanterns

The external magic lanterns in one arc can be activated or deactivated.

Operate Disintegration Ray

Expend 6 charges. Choose a creature or object in the tower's forward arc, within 1,500 feet.

If the target is a creature, it must succeed on a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or take 45 (10d8) force damage. If this damage reduces the creature to 0 hit points, its body becomes a pile of dust.

If the target is a Large or smaller nonmagical object or creation of magical force, it is disintegrated without a saving throw. If the target is a Huge or larger object or creation of magical force, the ray disintegrates a 10-foot cube of it.


This vehicle was created using the Vehicle Construction Kit.[1] These are the component slots. Quick rules: If the vehicle takes 70 or more damage in a single attack, one component is disabled. If the vehicle takes 350 or more damage in a single attack, one component is destroyed and an adjacent component is disabled. Disabled components that are disabled again are instead destroyed.

Design notes: Mass xi body (600 tons). Vertical design. Land Thrust 0.02, giving a base speed of 2 mph (15 feet).

Slot Component
1 Stone structure (upper) [3,000 gp]
2 Helm (4 stations)1 [10,000 gp]
Magic engine1 (lightweight component, +1/5 PP) [5,000 gp, rare]
3-4 Upper quarters* [6,000 gp per component]
5 Spell apparatus1 (disintegration ray, forward arc, 60 charges) [60,000 gp, very rare]
6 Atrium1 (menangerie for 150 people, 55 x 55 ft. square) [1,500 gp]
7 Store room (30 tons)
Magic lanterns
8-10 Stone structure (center) [3,000 gp per component]
11-12 Middle quarters1 [6,000 gp per component]
13-14 Lower quarters1 [6,000 gp per component]
15 Store room (30 tons)
16–19 Stone structure (lower) [3,000 gp per component]
19–20 Legs1 (tinkerer's powertrain, rating 1/5 PP) [150,000 gp per component]

1 1 workspace per component

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