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I come to bring light where there is darkness
Azule StrongArm, Soldier of Light
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Campaign Setting

Whatever is taking place behind that wall is no peaceful thing.
—Sir TwoTone Trollbane, Tips for Travelers

Lockeport (Alda Marillion)
Representative Wrestin Feathermoore
Predominant Race
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Lockeport is not the official name of the recently-seceeded from Uriktar country. However, the circumstances of its secession is the reason for its name. Sixteen years ago, seemingly over the nights of a few weeks, a great wall was built around what is now known as Lockeport. Only one gate is present in the wall, and it exists on the borderr of Drexsistan. Since this time, only once has anyone went in or out of the country.


Three years after the appearance of the wall, a traveler was spotted on the abandoned road from the Great Gate. He was the elven Wrestin Feathermoore and bore paperwork meant for the Senate. The paperwork was very sparse in its information, but officially stated that the lands (written in Elven as Alda Marrillion, but commonly referred to at this point as Lockeport because of its locked-in status) secession and stated that they meant no harm to the other member countries of Malsvir. After heavy debate, and with the scars of the then-still-recent Holnstead-Styrene battles, the Senate decided to let the country be and officially recognized them as Alda Marillion. Feathermoore returned and occasionally is seen at the Senate, though he never devulges information about the land nor does he actively participate in any discussions. He has only ever voted 'present' when passing legislation.

Major Settlements

The capital is assumed to be near where the largest settlements of elves where before their secession, in a place that was named, at-the-time, Venwe. This could be incorrect.

The Great Wall

The Great Wall is guarded heavily by elven rangers along its terrace and towers. So well that no known instances of entrance to the country are known of. The wall reaches a height of 328 feet and it's rangers are rumored to have shot an arrow into the heart of a rabbit that was 200 feet away from the wall - and on the ground.

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