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They elusive ley are a race akin to the elves, in fact, many scholars say that the elves are actually descendants of ley. Although the truth may never be known for certain, elves and ley certainly share many characteristics.


Ley are very intensely emotional, just like their elven cousins, but they have a tighter reign on their emotions. They are nevertheless extremely volatile and unpredictable.

Physical Description[edit]

Ley look very similar to elves, although they are significantly shorter and lighter. Their hair is usually red or golden, and their eyes are always green.


Ley get along very well with elves, as well as sirens and taken. They dislike humans, dwarves, trolls, and gnomes.


Ley are often of a chaotic alignment.


Ley hail from Aergaela, along with their elven cousins.


Some ley worship the elven god Eando, while others choose to worship great fey lords.


Ley speak Aergaelan and Arcana.

Racial Traits[edit]

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