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Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Langmesser 40gp (+200gp to balance) 1d8 Slashing. 2kg (4.4lb) Versatile (1d10) , Finesse (if paid for), Special.

The peasants were denied weapons, they found a way around this with the creation of the messer, a big knife. Taking that idea further came the creation of the langmesser or long knife (up to 1.5m), with the main idea to take out knights on horseback making it very tip heavy. For an extra price this weapon may be balanced to allow more fluid movement, this takes a skilled blacksmith (DM to decide if good enough blacksmith in town). note on sheet whether balanced or not. This allows weapon to have Finesse properties. Special: See it Coming: this weapon is long and cannot be used to sneak attack. (Silver)

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