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Vehicle, Rare

Weight: 7,700 lbs.
Speed: 180 ft. (20 mph).
Carrying Capacity: 5 metric tons.

The KrigUlv is a large magical wooden warship made of thick timbers, cold steel, and finely crafted sails of hardy wool that hovers around 10 feet above the ground and moves about as fast as a horse drawn cart at a full run. Three large masts surge upwards from the base of the ship topping with a spacious crows nest on the center most mast. The KrigUlv boasts two separate bellow decks; the bottom most being a large storage area with a heavily laden hatch leading out the bottom of the boat. The KrigUlv's defenses contain two rotating balistae on the main deck, one starboard side and one port side. The sides of the boat are studded with "murder-holes" (carved slits that allow archers to hit enemies who are pressed up against the ship itself as well as fire at targets afar). The KrigUlv is 120 feet long, and 30 feet wide with a raised platform for the captain's wheel.

Size. Gargantuan
AC. 17
Hit Points. 100
Damage Threshold 5
Crew and Passengers. 1 driver; 14 passengers

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