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Kobold Tail Attachment, Varies

Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Kobold Tail Attachment, Varies 3 gp 1d6 Varies 3 lb. Light, Finesse

A kobold tail attachment comes in three forms: Pounder's, which are blunt spheres of metal, Razored's, which are small blades, and Spiked's, which are small spheres with multiple metal spikes protruding from them. Each tail attachment provides just enough weight, balance, and striking power to increase the damage of a creature's tail slap. While a kobold is wearing a kobold tail attachment, its tail attacks deal the tail attachment damage. The type of damage is determined by the type of tail attachment: Pounder's deal bludgeoning, Razored's deal slashing, and Spiked's deal piercing. A tail attachment can be wielded as normal by any tailed creature of small size. They can also be held in one hand by any sized creature, in which case they count as an improvised weapon and deal only 1d4 damage of the appropriate type.

Kobold Only: While wielding a Tail Attachment, a kobold may make an attack with their attached weapon as a bonus action whenever they take the attack action on their turn. A kobold's tail attachment cannot be disarmed

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