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Islands of Aerem[edit]

The Islands of Aerem are a grouping of thousands of massive floating islands which have been inhabited by few races or peoples. The most prominent people are the steampunks, who have built cities on, in and around the islands, their airships milling around hunting wild and colourful creatures.

A few of the islands existing in Aerem


The Islands of Aerem are mostly made up of dense forests, but also includes mountainous regions, plains, and lakes. There are flying creatures inhabiting every part of Aerem, even its caves. The sun shines over the islands for most of the year until the rainy season comes, during which it rains for 1d4 weeks on end, sometimes causing erosion off into the abyss below the islands, though the steampunkers have found a solution to the potentially life threatening erosion.


The Islands of Aerem are located high up in the sky, so high that no one on the ground can see them, and no one above can see below. The exact location of these islands is not known because there is no exact location, they move around in the sky, ever moving. Sometimes they can be seen from the tops of the highest mountains, but barely appear as shadows even there. The islands themselves are mostly the same elevation in relation to each other, apart from the mountainous regions.


There are 8 large cities located in Aerem; 1d8 to determine which city you start in or are nearest to.

1. Periton, located on the biggest, central island, is a city run by the steampunks it is the center of trade and everyone there is wealthy, even the poor people who live lavish lives. It is also home to Aerem's largest airship port.

An area of Periton. airships+over+NYC.jpg

2. Whealgate, a steampunk farming city, it is close to Periton and trades much of its food with them. farming in Whealgate

3. Gafford, A trapping city mostly inhabited by steampunks but also with a small but notable population of Reformed Elves.[1] This city is famous in Aerem for its Roc [2]hunting. However there are rumours that those who actually manage to catch and kill a Roc disappear a few days later.

A rather sketchy area in Gafford

4. Avaria, a fortress city of Avariel [3]devoted to protecting Aerem. They are warriors and defenders of the islands. Sworn enemies of Dark Elves.


5. Kunuruburn, a city of Dark Elves determined to take control of Aerem, they are tricksters and harvesters of the islands. Sworn enemies of the Avariel.


6. Mumberford, a city of Monrel [4] who love partying, they have month long parties with lots of alcohol and food, they don't care about anyone else's problems, or there own present or past problems, for that matter.

7. Sloemere, a mountainous city inhabited by Corivilus [5] who will do anything to defend their grouping of islands but will not interfere with others or seek violence.

8. Flambzak, an island city of Dracon, Dragonfolk and Drakyn all living in harmony. Not. The different semi-dragon races are always arguing with each other about everything ever, they mostly ignore the other cities unless they harm and of their dragon brotherern.

There are also other towns and villages spread around Aerem containing the above races and a few others, decided by the DM.


Rocs, Dragons, Golems of varying materials, Giant Dragonflies, Giant Butterflies, Parrots, flying fish (still live in water), varius bugs and critters found in forests, Aerem Rabbits, [6], any other reasonable flying creatureesand other creatures that seem appropriate for this environment decided by the DM.


Nobody knows the exact origin of The Islands of Aerem, but it is rumoured that a powerful bird-like people had had enough with living on the ground, surrounded by man and decided to find a way to lift their homes up into the sky, away from the world. The islands also seem to revolve around Periton.

SteamPunk Society[edit]

There is a steampunk government in place at Periton, they create laws about trade, exploration and other government-type things. There is a steampunk scientific association for everyone or S.A.F.E (though it is far from being safe, there are explosions almost daily) where any citizen can come in and try and invent something new for the community. There is a steampunk police which flies around in airships and steampacks looking for smugglers or trappers (whom the steampunks do not like) and there is also a steampunk Special Forces police who guard a Citadel at the center of Periton.

Legends of The Islands of Aerem[edit]

There is a rumour that the steampunks know the secret to the constant flight of the Islands of Aerem and that they guard it in the central tower in Periton. It is said that on the outskirts of The Islands there is a dungeon holding heaps of treasure, though it is guarded by a Dracolich. [7]. Legends of Legends tell that one of the islands of Aerem is a flying Aspidochelone [8] that follows the other islands, pretending to be caught in the would-be gravity of the Islands. They say that the Aspidochelone grants any wish that you desire should you be worthy.

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