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The immortals were once living beings who through heroic actions earned immortality from the Gods. They may have shrines but do not have chapels, temples, worshippers, or clerics. They do not directly serve any specific god but are instruments of action on the physical plane for the gods. All divine immortals have special powers granted to them by the gods, they include untouchable life force, shape shifting, magic resistance, saving throws, planar travel, and sensing ability.

Paladin Immortal (Good Immortal): Bahamut, Dragonborn Paladin the Sword of God (lower version of Bahamut of Forgotten Realms). The Sword of God known as Divine Steel cannot leave Bahamut's hand. It appears as a broad sword.

Archery Immortal (Unaligned Immortal): Plash, Human Ranger the God's Archer. The long bow known as Immortal Air cannot leave Plash's presence.

Druid Immortal (Unaligned Immortal): Flora Flowerchild the Keeper of Life, Human Druid (favorite form an ancient Ent)

Law Immortal (Lawful Immortal): Erathis the Eladren King and Judge (lower version of Erathis of Forgotten Realms)

Major Gods, non-FR: Thetoru, Thechard, Theezini, Theoosh

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