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Domains: Master of water and ice

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The Wind, The Stone, The Water, and The Fire are the unaligned elemental Major Gods. The Major Gods were the instruments of creation of the physical plane. They also created the Elemental Plane (elemental monsters are rebellious creatures in opposition to the Gods). They are the oldest and most powerful of the Gods.

The Water, also known as Theoosh, is the master of fresh and salt water bodies and rivers. In his true form, Theoosh is a living stream of water from the surface into the sky. Theoosh’s primary colors are yellow and green. Theoosh is flexible, threatening, and steady in its pursuits.

The evil cult of Water is expressed in death-by-baptism, known as the Submersion Cult; all who oppose the cult must be drowned and buried at sea.

Each Major God is served by 16 elemental agents known as elemental angels or ‘Malaks’. The elemental angels or Malaks are immortal and conduits of the god’s power. They are the interveners, the voice and hand of their god; while the Major Gods are less involved in the affairs of the physical plane.

  • Be flexible and steady in your pursuits.
  • Work with others to defend life.
  • Cultivate beauty, life, and insight.

Cleric Training[edit]

Clerics of Water must meet the standard clerical requirements. All clerics of Theoosh wear yellow and/or green as their primary colors in honor to their god. Many clerics and worshippers use as symbols on their dress and buildings four-point-leaves of yellow and green, yellow frogs, shark, and whale. They prefer having plenty of fresh water nearby, living by water, on the shoreline, on islands, or living on boats. They are comfortable swimming, diving, and being out at sea away from the sight of land.


Many of the worshippers of the Major Gods are spell casters and arcane devotees. Arcane magic is the after affect of the Major Gods act of creation. There is an invisible-divine-elemental power throughout the physical plane. This power is the refracted prism rainbow color-scheme of white, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Therefore, color is important to spell casters. At the inner core of a spell caster's implement (wand, orb, staff, sword, etc.) is a prism. A spell caster/wizard uses, applies, and manipulated the prism-rainbow-spectrum connected to a Major God.

Each Major God has a color scheme: The Wind has blue and violet; The Stone has white and black; The Water has yellow and green; and The Fire has red and orange. A spell caster must choose a Major God as its underlying source of power and therefore have two primary color aspects that can be reflected in color of their fashion, favorite colors, and color of their magical affects.

Blessing & Prayer often carved with water calling on insight and stability: [pentameter]

“Blessed are thou great Theoosh the source;

Flow life and beauty on its course”


Core Allegory: The ugly cloud flows through the open sky until water falls from the cloud and water falls from the sky and water falls onto the ground. Life flows down three ways to build the plants with four-point-leaves of yellow and green. Water runs on the path of rivers being flexible and steady until it freefalls in beautiful-powerful waterfalls landing with thunderous strength. From the rounded leaf leaps from the life-water eight yellow frogs. Four frogs leap back into the water but one of the frogs swim downstream. From the waters darkness, the fish lives and rises up and eats the frog in one gulp. The fish enjoys the fresh water and enjoys the salt water equally and with a full stomach swims to the mouth of the river. From the cold depths of the bay, two creatures see and ponder the fish. The shark looks at the fish with hunger. The whale looks at the fish with hunger. The shark and whale see each other and go their separate currents.

Philosophy: The Water, Theoosh, is the master of fresh and salt water bodies and rivers. In his true form, Theoosh is living stream of water from the surface into the sky. Theoosh is flexible, threatening, and steady in its pursuits.

  • Water is life, and as life, water is to be withheld and shared.
  • Apart from water, madness rules.


Divine places are wet. The most sacred places are in the water, in shallow rivers, built around deep pools, and on the shoreline. The wetter the place; the more sacred the place.

Major Gods have shrines, chapels, temples, worshippers, and clerics, but they are rarer than the Minor Gods. The Major God and Minor God have temple complexes and religious systems built around the number 4 (a sacred number). In or near megacity/capital, there may be Temples (4+ clerics lead by a Bishop), Cathedrals (10+ clerics lead by a Cardinal), Monastery (10+ clerics lead by a Cardinal), and/or Spiritual University with 30+ clerics lead by a Patriarch/Matriarch. Because 4 is a sacred number, the altars are four by four feet squares with four attending priests. Cathedrals, Temples, Monasteries, and shrines are built in squares. With the destruction of the City-State of Phobos, leaving four City-States against the Evil Empire, it is believed to be a positive omen from the Gods: four against one.

The hierarchy of the temples and religious organizations from lowest to highest are as follows: Worshipper, Laity, Novitiate, Acolyte, Adept, Apprentice Priest, Priest, Curate, Bishop Elect, Bishop, Cardinal Elect, Cardinal, High Priest/Priestess, and Patriarch/Matriarch.

Most (although not exclusively) organizational clerics are Devoted Clerics. Most (although not exclusively) organizational paladins (except for knightly orders) are Ardent Paladins, Protecting Paladins, and Virtuous Paladins. Rarely for any avengers or invokers belong to religious organization.

Near Bronze City, up on the slopes of Helmet Head Mountain is the monastery and library of The Water an unaligned Major God.

In Whitebeach, the main temple is the white-stone Cathedral of Elements dedicated to The Wind, The Stone, The Water, and The Fire (the four Major Gods).

Artifacts: Past and Present[edit]

The Ancient Bowl of Theoosh is a wooden bowl that communicates forgotten arcanic accounts, spells, and power.

The Phthinoian Books of Theoosh are three books of power.

The Phthinoian Silver Trident is an intelligent magical trident made out of silver.

Pearl Orb, Wand of Seaweed, and Staff of Coral


They must constantly appease Water with sacrifices of fresh and salt water. Many clerics will abstain from all forms of drink except water. All burials are sea or lake burials. The Major Gods do not have established festivals or holidays.

Heralds and Allies[edit]

In Bronze City, there are eight Crusader sects: Crusaders of Water (zealous Paladins dedicated to Theoosh), Crusaders of Wind, Crusaders of Stone, Crusaders of Spring, Crusaders of Summer, Crusaders of Autumn, and Crusaders of Winter. A player character may be from a knight order.

Within each Knight Order are titles, positions, and responsibilities. Tribute High Knight (head of the order), Tributus High Knight (second in command), Weapons Master, Lore Master, Treasurer, Champion of the Year, Honor Guard, High Judge and Executioner, and Master of Ceremonies.

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