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there is only one of these which is from vault 0


Crew 2
Pass 0
Cargo five anti-tank bombs or 20 gp, eight air-to-ground missiles (ammo only)
Init. +0
Maneuver +2
Top Speed Fly 3780 ft (378) (about 430mph)
Defense 19
Hardness 30
Hit Points 500
Size H
Price 40050 TU/400,500 Caps
Armaments 60mm cannon x2 (Damage:8d12 damage (8-96) Type: Ballistic, Range: 100, RoF: A, Mag: 500 Box, Ammo: 60mm)
Armaments 102mm HE Rocket (air-to-ground missiles) (Damage: 10d6 damage (10-60) Type: Ballistic, Range: 200, burst radius: 5ft , RoF: S,mag: 8, Ammo: 60mm)[extra stuffs for this][here for the basis]
Armaments Mark 84 General Purpose (GP) Bomb (20 gp in stead of 5 anti tank)(Damage: 10d6 damage (10-60) Type: Ballistic, burst radius: 20ft , RoF: S,mag: 20, Ammo: mk84 438mm he bomb )[extra stuffs for this]
Armaments BRN-129 Bomb (at) Bomb (Damage: 10d20 damage (10-60) Type: Ballistic, burst radius: 20ft , RoF: S,mag: 20, Ammo: 370mm he/at bomb )[extra stuffs for this]
Fuel Cap 1720
Gas Mileage 2

if you need to uses this against player characters... WHAT DID YOU DO --Skylord (talk) 05:02, 19 February 2016 (MST)

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