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anti tank[edit]

BRN-129 Bomb (at) Bomb (Damage: 10d20 damage (10-60) Type: Ballistic, burst radius: 20ft , RoF: S,mag: 20, Ammo: 370mm he/at bomb )

general purpose[edit]

Mark 84 General Purpose (GP) Bomb (20 gp in stead of 5 anti tank)(Damage: 10d6 damage (10-60) Type: Ballistic, burst radius: 20ft , RoF: S,mag: 20, Ammo: mk84 438mm he bomb )

cannons and Light/heavy machine guns[edit]

M2HB Browning

  • 3d12 damage (3-36)

m240 machine gun

  • 3d8 damage (3-)

20mm, 25mm, 30mm

  • 7d12 damage (7-84)

40mm, 50mm, 60mm,

  • 8d12 damage (8-96)

70mm, 80mm, 90mm,

  • 9d12 damage (10-120)

100mm, 105mm, 110mm,

  • 10d12 damage (10-120)

120mm, 105mm, 110mm,

  • 7d20 damage (10-120)

120mm, 125mm, 130mm,

  • 8d20 damage (10-120)


  • sets everything on fire for 2d8 turns and adds mild radiation sickness for one round 12dc fort (1d4-con)

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102mm HE Rocket (air-to-ground missile) 165mm HS,HE Rocket a.g.m or dog fight missile 122mm HE, Frag Rocket (air-to-ground missile) 240mm HE rocket(air-to-ground missile) 280mm HE (air-to-ground missile) AGM-69 440mm HE,thermonuclear (air-to-ground missile)
Damage 10d6 10d10 10d8 10d10 10d10 10d12
type Ballistic Ballistic Ballistic Ballistic Ballistic Ballistic
Size M M M M M L
Price 50 TU/500 Caps =1 200 TU/2,000 Caps =1 200 TU/2,000 Caps =1 250 TU/2,500 Caps =1 500 TU/5,000 Caps =1
plus to hit +2 +4 +4 -2 0 +2
Radius 10ft 5ft/1 target 20ft 15ft 25 25*
hardness penetration 10 20 20 25 30 30
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