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Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Handcannon 250 gp ranged special, 1d6 bludgeoning as melee weapon 16 lb Ammunition (range special), Two-Handed, Reload (1 shot), Heavy

One of the first black-powder firearms invented, this weapon fires a small cannonball or a canister shot and has the potential to deal horrible injuries. The primitive design however makes precise shots almost impossible.

Regular ammunition types for this weapon are the small cannonball and the small canister shot. The small cannonball deals 2d10 bludgeoning damage and has a range of 40/120, the small canister shot deals 2d8 piercing damage and has a range of 20/60. The handcannon can be used with improvised ammunition like rocks or gravel, which reduces the damage to 2d8 bludgeoning and 2d6 piercing respectively.

You do not add your proficiency bonus to ranged attacks with cannonballs. You must take the reload action twice to be able to fire this weapon again.

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