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Guardian Spear

Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Guardian Spear Very Rare 3d10 slashing/ 4d6 force, Ranged 5d8 Piercing 50 lb. Heavy, Two-Handed, Reach 15ft, Ammunition (100), Range (160/320) ,Special

Guardian Spears are halberd-like power weapons so heavy that it would take several ordinary men to lift it and incorporating a ranged weapon at its tip, They're the main weapon that the Custodes wield

Special This weapon has the special techniques and a ranged weapon built inside it which can be used as a bonus action or during an attack action

Warfan As an action you cleave within a 15ft cone dealing half damage to each enemy caught in the cone

Whirlwind As an action you twirl the spear around hitting enemies within 5 feet of you, You make one attack to hit

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