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Greater Deity
Symbol: An unblinking eye
Home Plane: Infernal Battlefield of Acheron, Nishrek (Forgotten Realms), Chernoggar,
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Orcs, conquest, strength, survival, territory
Clergy Alignments:
Domains: Cavern, Chaos, Evil, Hatred, Orc, Strength, War
Favored Weapon: Spear

One-Eye, He Who Never Sleeps, the One-Eyed God, He Who Watches

Gruumsh appears as a powerful orc with one eye. A figure of fury and driven cruelty, Gruumsh rules his pantheon with brute power. His favored weapon is the spear.


Gruumsh's divine realm is the Iron Fortress in Nishrek. In the standard cosmology represented by the Greyhawk and Planescape campaign settings, Nishrek is a part of Acheron, while in the Forgotten Realms cosmology this is a plane of its own. Gruumsh shares his home in the Iron Fortress with his son Bahgtru and his lieutenant Ilneval.

Nishrek was once a dimension in the Astral Sea, until Gruumsh used all of his power to throw his entire realm (literally) at Chernoggar in an attempt to defeat Bane and become sole God of War. The two dimensions fused together after the impact, and the two Gods have been in an eternal state of war ever since. Gruumsh lives in Chernoggar now, in a tower of skulls in the middle of what was once Nishrek. It is rumored, but never proven, that other Gods helped Gruumsh when he threw Nishrek at Chernoggar in an attempt to defeat, or at least distract, Bane to prevent the Black Lord from invading other realms.



As orcs that are not clerics or adepts are forbidden to speak his name, Gruumsh is also known as "One-Eye," "The One-Eyed God," "He-Who-Never-Sleeps," and "He-Who-Watches."

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Gruumsh's priests wear dark red vestments, war helms, and black plate mail. His sacred animal is the giant rat. His holy day is the new moon, and he is worshipped in orcish lairs. A sacrifice of blood is made to him monthly.

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